the prodigal daughter returns.

The first Sunday I went back to church, I felt tender and bruised, like I was not sure what I was doing. I felt tears about to spill over more than once. I still have a lot of questions about my place there, but I was ready to try.

I have never in my life dreamed of missing church on a regular basis, and then I did that, and then it turned into a whole lot of church I was missing. It was an empty space in my life, but it was nice to sit with that ache for a few months, to let myself feel the absence of the people and the rhythms of Sundays.

Atticus was so excited that we would all be going to church together, and asked about it several times. You are coming too, Mama? As we pulled into the church parking lot, he cheerfully called from the back seat, We’re home!

I’m not one to believe very much in signs but even I was like, Ok, I get it. We’re home.

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  1. Elsa

    How I long to be at home. I never thought that there would be a point in my life where I would miss church so often. When I do attend, I’m just going through the motions. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    Posted 11/18/2014 at | Permalink
  2. Ginger

    Welcome back.

    Posted 11/18/2014 at | Permalink
  3. Michaelann

    I’m curious about what caused you to start missing in the first place. Did you post about this in a different place and I missed it? Faith is a struggle; church is a blessing and a burden. I’m glad you are finding answers.

    Posted 11/21/2014 at | Permalink

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