(Or, the liturgy of bedtime.)

The Call to Bed
Atticus, it is time to watch “Mahna Mahna”. Pajamatime!

The Request for Presence
Atticus, come here! Atticus. Come here, buddy! Time for bed!

The Bathing
Sit down, please. Atticus, sit down. Please sit down, Atticus. No, no, don’t touch the handles. Please sit down.

The Dressing
Your fire truck pajamas are dirty. How about these with monkeys on them? Monkeys! The fire truck pajamas are yucky. Yucky. Let’s wear these instead!

The Reading
“Dear Toad, I am glad that you are my best friend. Your best friend, Frog.” Ooooh, Snuggle Puppy of mine. In the spring, I like to pick flowers. Fire truck. Airplane. Car. Bulldozer. Helicopter. Tractor.

The Psalm
Good night room. Good night moon. Good night cow jumping over the moon.

The Gloria
What are you thankful for today? Today we went for a walk and rode the big truck cart at the grocery store. We read so many books and played hide and seek. We watched a video on cars and one on fire trucks. What a great day!

The Doxology
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise God all creatures here below
Praise God above ye heavenly host
Creator, Christ, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

The Small Verse
Pacifier, doggie, twilight turtle, Linford.

The Petition
(Please please sleep all night. Please.)

The Final Thanksgiving
I love you, buddy. Sleep well.

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  1. Courtney

    Live this. We are also a Doxology family.

    Posted 6/28/2012 at | Permalink
  2. This is amazing and I love it.

    Posted 6/28/2012 at | Permalink
  3. I love this. So much.

    Posted 6/28/2012 at | Permalink
  4. Nancy

    OK, I commented on FB that I LOVE this – and I do. So now I’ve looked up Mahna Mahna – silly me for not knowing what it was – and of course, I do know this routine. You should have seen 3 of our fifth graders do a pantomime to it at their end of year talent show! (Or rather, Atticus should have seen it!) Do you really watch this every night at bedtime?? And there is no better reading than Frog and Toad, that is, until he’s old enough for Winnie the Pooh. I’ve loved having grandchildren to read these things to. So lovely to think of this as Compline, the liturgy of bedtime. There are so many sacred moments in our lives that we don’t even realize are sacred. I love that you are bringing them to our attention.

    Posted 6/28/2012 at | Permalink
  5. We do not watch it every night, though we sing it most nights. And the only thing we read every single night is Good Night Moon, but Frog and Toad is Mike’s favorite. 🙂

    Posted 6/28/2012 at | Permalink
  6. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing, Kari.

    Posted 6/28/2012 at | Permalink
  7. Susan

    You know I love me some liturgy :). And the doxology – we sing it at the end of every church service now. Love.

    Posted 6/29/2012 at | Permalink
  8. Thank you for sharing. This is an inspiration.

    Posted 6/30/2012 at | Permalink
  9. I am smiling. Big. Thank you.

    Posted 7/2/2012 at | Permalink
  10. Pure awesomeness.

    Posted 7/6/2012 at | Permalink
  11. Love this. So sweet and so full of meaning. “Everything is sacred.”

    Posted 7/24/2012 at | Permalink

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