all that’s in store for you.

Mike and I don’t exchange presents on Christmas or Valentine’s Day or our anniversary. We save presents solely for birthdays, and we try to make them really special. Sometime during the past nine months, I decided that I should also get a present on Atticus’s birthday. Not just this year, but every year. For doing such a good job. We don’t have to celebrate Mother’s Day. I just need all of that blood being drawn and the swelling and the sleeplessness and the contractions (dear lord, the contractions) to be remembered one way or another.

Mike was, obviously, in no position to argue with me. I should have remembered, though, that he is incredibly skilled at the art of present-giving. After our New Year’s Eve false labor that turned out to be real labor extravaganza that turned into a New Year’s Day delivery, we were finally able to settle into our room at some point in the afternoon. And then Mike told me that he had a present for me and Atticus, that this year we would have to share. And he played me this song.

(I will have to give him a very good birthday present this year. I am not as skilled in this area as he is.)

Mike and I both love Eef Barzelay, and Eef has a fun feature on his website where you can commission him to write a song. Mike did that, asking for a theme song for Atticus, and the materials he gave Eef to work with were the letters that I wrote in November. I like to think that this means that Eef and I collaborated on the song. Even though we didn’t, really. Don’t argue with me or I will tell you more about the contractions.

Here are the lyrics to the song. I love how the themes that I worked on all month are woven through. Lucky boy, he has a theme song already.

Song for Atticus

Attaboy, Atticus, don’t be afraid
The future is yours to be beautifully made
And the party’s not done
Until you come through the door
How I ache at the thought
Of all that’s in store
For you

Attaboy, Atticus, rise up and stand
Take a sweet breath and clap your soft hands
There is more to this life
Than what we perceive
You see, God shines through our eyes
If we only believe

Oh, Atticus, Atticus, it pains me to say
That to never know suffering,
Well, there’s really no way
But there is a love that is infinite, deep
From which you came forth
Oh so tender and sweet

And are we awake
If God is asleep
And this life is the dream
That he’s having right now?
But the stuff that we are
Was once inside a star
That exploded so bright
And so turned on the light

Find out more about Eef Barzelay and his band, Clem Snide, at their website.

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  1. brandi

    This is probably the coolest thing in the history of the world.

    Posted 1/11/2011 at | Permalink
  2. i don’t really know if i’ve ever heard of a cooler present. way to go, mike. (and go you… you deserved that kind of gift!)

    Posted 1/11/2011 at | Permalink
  3. benjamin

    wonderful. it’s cool that i’m crying right now, right?

    Posted 1/11/2011 at | Permalink
  4. So beautiful.

    Posted 1/11/2011 at | Permalink
  5. So amazing! (I totally think it counts as a collaboration!)

    Posted 1/11/2011 at | Permalink
  6. Tammy Fox

    That is truly amazing. What a gift beyond measure. Congrats and what a beautiful family.

    Posted 1/11/2011 at | Permalink
  7. Now, I’m usually not a big crier, but I have to admit I teared up for this one. How sweet! What a wonderful gift. Thanks so much for sharing all this with us bloggy friends!

    Posted 1/11/2011 at | Permalink
  8. awesome. and congrats!

    Posted 1/11/2011 at | Permalink
  9. I watched the video last night and was bawling. And then today, I realized that the song was actually written for that beautiful baby boy and I got all weepy in homeroom. My students didn’t quite know what to make of it. Such a precious gift. You guys are the bomb.

    Posted 1/11/2011 at | Permalink
  10. Nancy

    Your mom sent me the link to the video and song earlier today and I loved it. I love that Atticus has his own song and now you say that the inspiration was your November letters, which were a treasure in themselves, so I love it even more. The song itself is a treasure,as well. Atticus surely feels all the love that is around him. He is such a blessed little boy to have you and Mike – and you are blessed to have him.

    Posted 1/11/2011 at | Permalink
  11. i’ve tried to start this comment now several times only to delete delete delete…i just don’t have words to say how incredibly sweet that is. i mean, wow. the words are perfect. it’s such a beautiful song, and so perfect. see how my words aren’t making sense…. xoidskjfjdkal;weiurowakflsjsrlewerpowjoirjewjtg maybe that sums it up better. i’m loopy from all the rocking on the cruise ship. 😉 and btw, atticus won my giveaway last week. i can’t wait to see him again (and yes, of course you all, too.) 🙂

    Posted 1/13/2011 at | Permalink
  12. Oh, how precious. Enjoy that sweet boy. And the song…wow. You have a tough act to follow, don’t you?

    Posted 1/14/2011 at | Permalink
  13. jon

    Eef is one cool dude, and probably one of the greatest unknown singer/songwriters around. He also will make a custom 3 song acoustic rendering of
    any of his or Clem Snide’s songs. I had him do one for me, and I absolutely love it.
    Please go see Clem Snide perform when they come to your town. You won’t regret it.

    Posted 1/16/2011 at | Permalink
  14. my kids keep wanting to watch this again and again. they oooh and awww and then want to go look at their baby pictures. every time i tear up on the line, “how i ache at the thought of all that’s in store for you”, and then, river says, “Are you crying again?!?” 🙂

    Posted 1/17/2011 at | Permalink
    the song…oh my goodness…talk about truly heart-breaking in the best way…Wow.
    “But there is a love that is infinite, deep
    From which you came forth
    Oh so tender and sweet”

    enjoy these abundantly blessed days.

    Posted 1/18/2011 at | Permalink
  16. I do not know how I missed this post when you first wrote it! Oh my….
    I’m speechless.

    Posted 2/1/2011 at | Permalink

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