I really like to build suspense.

I doubt anyone is still waiting for the big bathroom reveal. You will have to forgive me . . . it takes me a while to settle in and get pictures hung and figure out where our things are going to go. But we hung pictures this weekend, so I am going to show you everything . . . except the shower. Mike wasn’t here when I took the pictures of the bathroom, so you’ll have to wait because I want to recreate this shot. Shower to come in the next week or so. I hope. I make no promises. But here is the actual bathroom!




Laundry room! (I love my new washer and dryer and want to have their babies.)


Our closet and my half of the closet (it is really hard to show closet size in a picture).



This is what our bedroom looks like now. Not that I ever showed you what it looked like before. Because it wasn’t as bright. But now it makes me really happy.


And we’ve got the kitchen all figured out now, too. If you look here, you’ll see where the fridge used to be. This is what everything looks like now.




And remember the door to nowhere behind our TV? Check it out now.


Mostly we’re just sitting around and listening to the quiet these days. It’s the greatest sound I hadn’t heard in a while.

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  1. Peter

    I was going to ask which of you needs courage while brushing teeth, but instead I’ll just say it all looks fantastic.

    Posted 3/8/2010 at | Permalink
  2. it looks amazing. so, so happy that you have your house feeling like home again!

    Posted 3/8/2010 at | Permalink
  3. Lovely! I’m so glad things have settled down for y’all at home. 🙂

    Posted 3/8/2010 at | Permalink
  4. WOW.

    Posted 3/8/2010 at | Permalink
  5. It’s so huge! And gorgeous! And awesome!

    Posted 3/8/2010 at | Permalink
  6. Meredith Uber

    I have been checking for your rebath!! yeah! I thought you might not want to show your shower due to the double shower heads or something….heheehee

    Posted 3/8/2010 at | Permalink
  7. Barbi

    Everything looks wonderful and clean. So happy to see it finished.

    Posted 3/9/2010 at | Permalink
  8. Jayne Johnson

    Kari, this looks so great! I love three things in a bathroom that you have – separate potty room, two sinks and the closet access – but a laundry room!?! That is better than the other three! I have some planning to do for my next house.

    Posted 3/11/2010 at | Permalink
  9. WOW! LOVE!

    Posted 3/19/2010 at | Permalink

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