Overheard at the pool today.

An announcement:

“Edward Cullen, please bring Bella her sunglasses.”

Right, like Edward would be at the pool. His sunbathing would be just a little bit too dazzling.

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  1. Maybe that’s why Bella needs her sunglasses.

    Posted 6/23/2009 at | Permalink
  2. Kari

    Shouldn’t he be handing them out to everyone, then? What about MY eyes?

    Posted 6/23/2009 at | Permalink
  3. Hehehe!

    (Obviously Edward only cares about Bella’s eyes.)

    Posted 6/23/2009 at | Permalink
  4. Wow, that is AWESOME. I totally need to announce that over the library intercom!

    Posted 6/24/2009 at | Permalink

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