An embarrassing fact.

Whenever Phil says the following: “The world is waiting for you. Good luck. Travel safe,” I always tear up. Every time. I love the roadblocks and the detours and the fast forwards. And I love the end of the race, when Phil tells them how many miles they’ve gone and how many countries they visited. But more than that, I love when Phil tells them the world is waiting. And he does the eyebrow pop. I look forward to it whenever I hear the show is coming back. And I always have my kleenex handy. (Though I try to wipe my eyes unobtrusively so that Mike won’t laugh too much.)

(In case you don’t know, I’m talking about The Amazing Race. And if you don’t know, why is that? It’s my favorite show! It’s back!)

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  2. […] Through a Glass, Darkly » An embarrassing fact. (tags: gfmorris_comment) […]


  1. I do, too. 🙂

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  2. I didn’t get to see it last night, and I forgot to set my DVR!!! Dang it!!! Next week. I hope Phil forgives me. Did any of the girls (or guys I guess) talk about crushing on Phil yet? It’ll come.

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  3. Melanie

    I am so with you on The Amazing Race. It is my favorite show on tv and I LOVE tv. I was glad to see the hippies go. Not very interesting. Can’t wait until next week.

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  4. Kari

    I didn’t hear anyone talk about crushing on Phil. EXCEPT MYSELF. I MISSED YOU, PHIL!

    The hippies were pleasant enough. I agree that they weren’t very interesting, but I would rather keep an uninteresting team than the fratboy team. Or a bickering couple. But there was no way the hippies were sticking around for very long anyway, so we might as well get that elimination over with as soon as possible.

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  5. I don’t crush on Phil. I try not to crush on anyone on the show—as soon as I take a shine to one of the women, she’ll then be really bitchy in the next episode. Never fails.

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