Strange how hard it rains now.

Mike and I had two tall bookcases that we used to store DVDs, but when we moved here, we decided that we wanted something else to store our DVDs. This means that our DVDs are still in boxes. Which means that we have been watching the same movies over and over. One day we will find the perfect thing to store our DVDs. How do you store your DVDs? Any advice? (Please keep in mind that we have over 200 movies. It’s kind of out of control.)

When we decided to get rid of the bookcases, I asked one of my teacher friends if she wanted them for her classroom. She said she did, so last night Mike and I loaded them (along with a coffeetable for another teacher) into the back of my grandpa’s truck. Which was parked on the street in front of our house. And then we watched some Olympics, read some books, went to bed. I took some cough syrup and promptly fell asleep. And then I woke up at 11:00 to Mike’s eyes boring into the side of my head . . . and the sound of pouring rain.

Sure, sensible people would have taken care of this sort of thing beforehand. Sensible people would have checked the weather or preemptively backed the truck into the carport. But that’s not the kind of people we are, so I pulled on a sweatshirt, backed the other two cars out of the driveway, and had Mike back the truck in safely. I hope our neighbors were entertained. My pajamas legs were soaked.

Afterwards, we looked at the radar, and the little patch where it was raining was the only place in a five-state area where there was any rain at all. Perhaps the key to fighting drought is to load your possessions into the back of a pickup truck, assume it’s not going to rain because it never does, and wait for it to start pouring.

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  1. I’ll go put all sorts of stuff on my back porch now!

    Posted 8/21/2008 at | Permalink
  2. Susan

    (I think you’ve seen my DVD holder… it’s a rotating 4-sided shelf contraption. Well, plus the built in shelves in my TV console. I like it well enough… I considered doing binders for awhile, but I am WAY too OCD about keeping everything in alphabetical order for that to make any sense!)

    Posted 8/22/2008 at | Permalink
  3. Murphy’s Law right? That happened to us last week. Frank got his four wheeler and brought it to our house. Next day it rained, ALL DAY! I went out at 7pm to get a tarp to cover it. When I got back, the rain stopped!

    Posted 8/22/2008 at | Permalink
  4. I have had Patty stuck in my head all day after reading this! 🙂

    (And you’ve seen my house – I am not someone you want to take advice from on organizing ANYthing.)

    Posted 8/22/2008 at | Permalink
  5. How I wish I would have just happened to drive by at 11 pm last night.

    Posted 8/22/2008 at | Permalink
  6. I don’t think that the power to summon rain should be reserved for people who happen (or are rich enough) to own a pickup truck. Do you suppose God would understand if I just left my windows (ALL THE WAY, I promise) down?

    Posted 8/24/2008 at | Permalink
  7. Becky

    I’m checking you out from Chatting At The Sky. Our dvd’s were getting out of control as well. We just moved over the summer and rather than cramming them all back in our bookcase we decided to store them all in a cd case. I bought a couple from Walmart…I think they hold 250 cd’s/dvd’s each. We put kids’ movies in one and the rest of the dvd’s in the other all in alphabetical order. You could also organize them by genre. What did we do with all the cases? I (gasp) threw them away! I thought I might regret it but so far I haven’t. When I want to loan someone a dvd I pop it into a computer cd envelope and it’s good to go!

    Posted 8/28/2008 at | Permalink
  8. Becky

    I meant to say we put them in two cd BINDERS, not cases. The binders are soft and zip around three sides. Sorry!

    Posted 8/28/2008 at | Permalink
  9. Kari

    Thanks for coming by, Becky! We kept our CDs like that for a long time. We like that idea, but we worry about having to reorder the collection when we get something new. Do you just leave extra space? Do you have a plan for that? I need to talk it through before I can decide. 🙂

    Posted 8/28/2008 at | Permalink

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