Two goodbyes?! This hardly seems fair.

Bye, Veronica. I’ll miss you (and Wallace and Mac and Keith and Piz and Dick and, yes, even Logan) and your snarky, cynical self.

So, who wants to recommend some shows I really ought to get into? Because my schedule’s pretty open. (What’s the Grey’s spinoff that Piz is in . . . should I watch that?)

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  1. Boooooooo. *curses the CW*

    Posted 5/17/2007 at | Permalink
  2. Mike

    Let’s hope they don’t ruin the end of the series by putting VM back with LE.

    What would be awesome:
    CW shows up and kills LE!

    Posted 5/17/2007 at | Permalink
  3. Kari

    Every season should have ended with CW killing someone.

    Posted 5/17/2007 at | Permalink
  4. I would advise against the Grey’s spinoff. I don’t know who Piz is, but it looks kind of lame-o to me. I, of course, will watch it, because I am a sucker and it’s centered around my favorite Grey’s character.

    Posted 5/17/2007 at | Permalink
  5. Kari

    I think Piz may have been shirtless in the Grey’s spinoff thing. I did not know that when I asked if I should watch it, I swear.

    It certainly looks from, for example, this picture, as if he was shirtless in the show. (And I am embarrassed. hee hee.)

    Posted 5/18/2007 at | Permalink

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