No SuperBowl halftime show for you!

Yesterday at the Male Bakeoff we decided that any presidential candidate who ran on a platform of making the day after the SuperBowl a national holiday would win handily. Why hasn’t someone done this yet? I would vote for that person. You know you would, too.

Last night’s SuperBowl party was fun, even though the game was less than stellar as far as I was concerned. When the Rolling Stones came on at halftime, I turned to Mike and said, “Remember that time I went to a SuperBowl party and . . . ” and he was like, “I was just thinking of that.” So, here’s the story for your enjoyment.

A few years ago, Mike went to watch the game with a friend in Charlotte, and I decided to go to a SuperBowl party with some friends from church. It was at the house of some other friends. Or “friends.” I didn’t know them very well. It was a little bit awkward, but I would have to say that it was at least a defining moment for me with Brian and Sarah, because neither of them watch football, and I hadn’t yet caught the hang of the game. So we were there for the commercials. We also enjoyed the Matrix-Cam that the SuperBowl was sporting that year. We had a good time chatting and discussing our favorite commercials (this was the year of Bob Dole’s Pepsi commercial about his “little blue friend”).

At halftime, our host got up, turned off the TV, and said, “I thought we could just have a few minutes of prayer during halftime.” Cue the dead silence and stunned faces. Now, it wasn’t that I particularly cared about seeing Britney Spears (and her thong) and Aerosmith, I just . . . it’s the halftime show. I know it’s hardly ever good. But I sat through the game, and I’d like to see the show. To his credit, he didn’t push it much past, “You guys really want to see the show?” before he turned the TV back on. But . . . it was very strange to me. I like praying, I do. I just thought, you know, SuperBowl. There’s no way to spin this without looking like a big pagan for not wanting to pray, is there? hehe. Because of that, every year at that special time we call the SuperBowl halftime show, I force Mike to sit through this story. Since he didn’t let me tell it last night, I’m sharing it with you, my readers.

Anyway, at last night’s party, there was no praying. We watched the halftime show, we ate lots of food, we dissected commercials, and we had a grand old time. And the best part about not having a SuperBowl party at your own house . . . no cleanup!

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  1. I like praying, I do. I just thought, you know, SuperBowl.

    πŸ˜† I would have freaked out on that dude. I hate the Halftime show too, but…come on…it’s the Super Bowl. Not watching the half-time show is like a game ending regulation in a tie and instead of watching the OT, turning off the television and saying “Well, that’s enough football for me.”

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  2. I had an experience like that… I was at a party once during the FSU-Miami game (and this was when I was in Flordia, so everyone at the party was a huge supporter of one team or the other) and at halftime the host shut the TV off and decided he wanted to have Bible Study/Prayer time with everyone instead!! The whole room was livid! I thought there was going to be a mutiny.

    Fortunately, I don’t care about FSU or Miami.

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  3. Kari

    So, Jeff, are you saying the host didn’t turn the TV back on? hehe.

    Posted 2/6/2006 at | Permalink
  4. alisa

    I thought about having prayer durning my party… wait no I didnt. πŸ˜†

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  5. At all! For the rest of the game! It was a close game too if I remember…

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  6. Our youth director discussed the possibility of skipping halftime for a brief lesson or prayer thing one year. I looked at him, rolled my eyes, and suggested that we just turn off the TV and walk into the kitchen and horse around for a little bit. As most of the kids were sitting to watch the game, they enjoyed the activity. [Maybe we went out and played a quick game of football … can’t remember.]

    But yeah … awkward.

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  7. Why pretend, huh?

    Posted 2/6/2006 at | Permalink
  8. Kari

    Pretend what?

    Posted 2/6/2006 at | Permalink
  9. i would NEVER shut the tv off. you are all welcome to come to my house to watch the next big game.

    i have been in situations like that before, its totally awkward. so yeah.

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  10. Shelby

    You mean its not normal to pray during halftime? Thats my favorite part of the game….That was the best story I ever heard, I probably would have laughed because anyone like that has GOT to be joking!!

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  11. We watched it…the family whose house we were at has younger kids, so they were being careful about the commercials they let them watch (unfortunately, that “Don’t judge too quickly” one with the woman and the man on the airplane was one that slipped through…oops!), but they figured…the Rolling Stones…it can’t be that bad, right? Well it wasn’t, in that sense, but all of us were screaming and hiding our eyes from Mick Jagger’s UNDERARM FLAB. Oh my goodness, was that something I did NOT want to see.

    Anyone else notice this??

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  12. chalee

    all the teen girls in the youth group were squealing in misery during the whole show. mick’s flab caught flak…much squealing and eye-covering when he shook what his momma gave him…even when he just gestured and revealed a little tummy…

    yep, lots of freaking out this year…

    (“it’s like my grandpa trying to dance like britney spears…EWWWW”)


    Posted 2/7/2006 at | Permalink
  13. Kari

    There were all these teenagers screaming for Mick Jagger, and I said, “I bet none of them have the slightest idea who he is!” hehe.

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  14. Worse than underarm flab: OLD MAN HIP SHAKING. I do not need to see that.

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  15. Meredith

    Hey there,
    Betcha didn’t expect to get a reply from me:) I just had coffee with Melissa and she got your voicemail~ I don’t think we were actually there that particular night, but I can only imagine to say the least:) Melissa thought it was Randy or Pete. I said come on, no way would I let that fly haha. I miss talking to you, I will have to catch up with you through this thing called Blog~

    Posted 2/7/2006 at | Permalink
  16. Kari

    Wow, now I’m imagining your response if Pete tried to do that. Brilliant. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

    Posted 2/7/2006 at | Permalink
  17. Two Words.

    Carpet. Cleaner.

    Posted 2/7/2006 at | Permalink
  18. Meredith

    We still have claw marks in our leather sofa, ha ha

    Posted 2/8/2006 at | Permalink

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