Christmas bakeoff 2006

KARI: *hangs up phone* GAH!

MIKE: What?

KARI: You know how I baked five different kinds of cookies, two kinds of bread, and one kind of muffin for Christmas presents?

MIKE: Yes.

KARI: You know what recipe people want?


KARI: The cookies you made.

MIKE: The chocolate ones?

KARI: You made one kind of cookie, and that’s the recipe everyone wants.


KARI: Don’t “oh” me.

MIKE: I’m sorry?

KARI: This is why I don’t cook. You always win.

MIKE: It’s not a competition.

KARI: Sure, you can say that, winner.

MIKE: I didn’t even like those cookies. They weren’t sweet enough.

KARI: That does not help!

MIKE: What are you doing?

KARI: Going online to get recipes!

MIKE: Are you baking today?

KARI: No! These are for next year!

MIKE: Next year?

KARI: I am going to beat you next year!

MIKE: We’ve been watching too much Friends. You sound like Monica.

KARI: You are going down! Look at this recipe! Sugar cookies made with cream cheese!

MIKE: Sounds tasty?

KARI: And this one! Pinwheel cookies with orange and chocolate filling! People love orange and chocolate! Like those oranges made from chocolate! They were all the rage!

MIKE: Actually, I think the evidence points to people just liking chocolate.

KARI: *gasps in horror*


KARI: You should just stop talking.

MIKE: I’m just saying. Maybe you should just use my recipe next year.

KARI: Next year, we’re having a Christmas bakeoff!

MIKE: Fine by me!

KARI: We are watching too much Friends. Because you just sounded like Chandler.

MIKE: It was intentional.

KARI: Oh. Well, you’re going down! I have all year to find recipes with which to beat you. People will be begging for my recipes!

MIKE: Bring it! I don’t need to research all year. Apparently all I need to do is find a recipe at the last minute and throw it together. It worked this year!

KARI: AH! Didn’t I say you need to stop talking?

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  1. KARI: This is why I don’t cook. You always win.

    I totally hear you here. I am always so proud when I make something, but then Aaron hops in the kitchen and blows me away. He’s a punk. Mike, too.

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink
  2. Kari

    Punk boys!

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink
  3. I have just the recipe for you, Kari. :ninja:

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink
  4. Kari

    haha! That’s right! Susan’s got my back! Mike’s going DOWN!

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink
  5. alisa


    Im having a soft spot for Chandler at the moment. Which only do to the fact that Im watching Friends right now. But then the Monica side of me says louder “TAKE HIM DOWN!”

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink
  6. GO MIKE!

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink
  7. Kari

    *horrified gasp*

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink
  8. Kathleen

    I am so conflicted right now. On one hand, I am filled with compassion for Kari and all the hard work she put into her Christmas goodies. On the other hand, I’m wondering what that recipe is…

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink
  9. Kathleen

    Ooh! Never mind! *clicks on link*

    Ahem… Mike, you’re going DOWN!!!

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink
  11. Dear Mike: Let her beat you, just like you let Alisa beat you in Halo last year at Trey’s house.

    GFM <– dons asbestos flame suit, exits stage left

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink
  12. mike, just let me know when the latest you want to get the recipe. i’ll start looking and send it at the very latest minute. 😆

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink
  13. mike

    thanks geof for bringing that up!

    kari…game on!

    Posted 1/2/2006 at | Permalink
  14. kelly

    well i didn’t get any of your cookies. and all i wanted was a earl grey cookie. thanks kari

    Posted 1/3/2006 at | Permalink
  15. I’m amazed how well you remember these conversations. Hilarious!

    Posted 1/3/2006 at | Permalink
  16. Jason

    Ross is the one who exclaimed “Fine by me!” after Rachel said they were never getting back together. Chandler never said that. And yes, I know I’m a Friends geek.

    Posted 1/5/2006 at | Permalink
  17. wait…did we ever the earl grey cookie recipe?

    don’t let mike’s fluke cookie success get you down.


    don’t you feel better already?

    (post an sgb reminder around october. we’ll do some digging and find something to destroy mike.)

    Posted 1/6/2006 at | Permalink

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