So, after all the excitement and six days of, “We’re closing tomorrow . . . no, no, we’re not . . . we’ll close the next day,” we finally got to sign papers.

And can I just say, it was pretty anti-climactic. At the end, it was like, “Go have fun painting!” It seemed like we should have gotten a small model of the house or some skywriting. At the very least a t-shirt that says “I’m a HOMEOWNER!” All we got was a handshake. And a house payment.

Everyone keeps telling us . . . welcome to the real world.

(I’m excited nonetheless.)

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  1. I thought it was “Welcome to Home Depot, would you like to take out a line of credit with us?”

    Posted 3/10/2004 at | Permalink
  2. Kari

    Yeah, that too. We’ll be on a first-name basis with the people at Lowe’s. 😉

    Posted 3/10/2004 at | Permalink
  3. [singing]
    told you so, told you so

    Posted 3/10/2004 at | Permalink
  4. Gary

    I hear ya.. At least when we bought our place, our realtor gave a gift certificate to a nice french restaurant that Allison and I frequent. A Home Depot or Lowe’s one would have been more apropos.. (tinted primer.. always.. tinted primer)

    Posted 3/10/2004 at | Permalink
  5. I sat in on the closing of my house in Tallahassee. It was weird, stressful and terribly anti-climactic. But when it was over and I was able to drive home… I was thrilled.

    Posted 3/10/2004 at | Permalink
  6. Kari

    Thanks for the tip, Gary!

    (Brian, shut the heck up! But, uh, don’t do it until after you’ve finished helping us paint.)

    Posted 3/11/2004 at | Permalink
  7. oh it’s all about you isn’t it?

    Posted 3/11/2004 at | Permalink
  8. Kari

    Are you just now figuring that out?

    Posted 3/11/2004 at | Permalink

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