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“It’s not okay, Chris.” 11

Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “I’d Rather Be In Philadelphia.” Again (Rebecca Rand Kirshner), last night’s episode had a certain sweetness to it that the Palladinos often eschewed in favor of quirkiness. Not that we didn’t get quirkiness last night – Babette was her lovable self, with the jungle bedroom and the dog walking. And […]

I’m late, I’m late . . . 2

I never wrote anything about last week’s episode of Gilmore Girls. No particular reason – I just got sidetracked by snow and a rough week and a busy weekend. And here it is Tuesday already, and I haven’t written anything about last week. Of course, with things progressing as they are, I don’t have much […]

Countdown to February sweeps. 3

Rebecca Rand Kirshner, people. Didn’t I tell you? Rebecca Rand Kirshner. In an interview, CW president Dawn Ostroff recently said, regarding Gilmore Girls, “[T]he first half of the season was a little rocky. [Dave Rosenthal] was painted into a story-line corner [from last season]. I think the second half of the season will be a […]

Ugly Betty and The Office throw down. Comments Off on Ugly Betty and The Office throw down.

So, here’s something I think is . . . interesting. I have seen a fair amount of fans of The Office complaining about how much they think Ugly Betty sucks, how undeserving it is of the Golden Globes that it won (well, specifically Best Comedy Series, so maybe just one of the Globes that it […]

The State of Stars Hollow Address. 7

Soon and very soon, Gilmore Girls is coming back. (Veronica Mars, too, and I’m probably more excited about that one, but I don’t write about it, so this is a Gilmore-centric post.) Next week! And . . . I think I’m looking forward to it. Even after the craptastic episode that was “Merry Fisticuffs.” Why […]

What a bunch of losers. 1

Wednesday I left work about 2:00 and went home, ate lunch, put in the first disc of Pride and Prejudice, and took a nap for a couple of hours. When I got over my nap hangover (ah, the perils of a long nap), I watched the second disc of Pride and Prejudice while finally getting […]

“She didn’t just turn out all right. She came out and then it was a lot of hard work.” 8

Okay, this will have to be quick. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t part of Lorelai’s talk with the “shrink” last year about wanting to have a baby with Luke? But now . . . she’s not so sure about having one with Christopher. Well, wait! She did already have one with Christopher! And […]

Dear Gilmore Girls, 4

It’s funny how an episode can cause such different reactions. I’ve done more reading after this week’s episode, more than I usually do, and the responses surprised me. The Christopher camp seems thrilled with him learning more about Stars Hollow. The Despair camp remains firmly entrenched in, well, despair. And I, waving my banner of […]

Originally and most beautifully planned. 8

KARI: Sweeps. MIKE: *works on computer* KARI: February sweeps. MIKE: *works on computer* KARI: Valentine’s Day, February sweeps. MIKE: *smiles* Is that when it’s gonna happen? KARI: That’s when it’s gonna happen. Luke and Lorelai, back together. I’m flabbergasted to think that anyone could take last night’s episode as a positive sign for Lorelai and […]

And this is how I feel. 7

Gilmore Girls spoilers for this week’s episode below. Beware! TV Guide dated October 30-November 5, 2006. Seriously. TV Guide. What the heck? That was two weeks ago, and . . . SPOILER. You are so on my bad list. I was going to say bad things about this episode, but then . . . Marty […]

I don’t even know what the name of this week’s episode was. I feel like I barely know who I am anymore. 4

(This is a somewhat condensed version of a discussion I had last night about GG.) When I go to places that serve fancy coffee beverages, my drink of choice is usually cafe au lait. You can imagine how I feel now that I know that Christopher likes it. Who wants to help me find a […]

Not only am I feeling off, my favorite show is a little . . . off. 4

There is a bit of Gilmore talk at the bottom of this post, so those of you who want my take should check there. I am not feeling like myself these days. I’m not saying I’m not keeping my head above water, because I am. I completely am. I’m just . . . there are […]

This is a geeky entry. Sorry about that. 3

I’m currently reading Ken Jennings’ book (don’t look at me like that. How can I resist a book with blurbs from both Will Shortz AND A.J. Jacobs?!) and I’m enjoying it. It’s about his time on Jeopardy and also about the history of trivia, specifically trivia competitions. The two topics merge together well – people […]

I’m pretty sure the title said it all. 11

Spoilers for the Gilmore Girls episode “The Great Stink.” Last night’s episode was called “The Great Stink.” And stink it did. Even I, the eternal optimist, am not sure I can find something to be cheerful about. That was rough. But Theresa left me a sad comment begging me to help her feel better, and […]

For the LOVE! 4

Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “S’Wonderful, S’Marvelous.” This recap is entitled “For the LOVE!” because that’s what I said a lot during the first scene. hehe. At first glance, this wasn’t a good episode for people who like Luke and Lorelai. But, after thinking about it, it’s not like it was a good episode for […]

“Lorelai, there’s nothing funny about being a lesbian.” 7

Spoilers for “Lorelai’s First Cotillion.” All right, so, I admit that this week was not as good as last week. And I don’t mean that on just a Luke/Lorelai level, though we can talk about that in a minute. Rory and Lane weren’t as cute as last week (especially the creepy sext messaging), the Zach […]

Now that’s more like it. 8

Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “That’s What You Get Folks, for Makin’ Whoopee.” First of all: Did you watch Veronica Mars? Why not? It’s a great show, I’m thrilled that it’s on after Gilmore Girls, and all of you should be watching it, too. Okay, now, on to our actual topic. I heard a lot […]

The weekly pep talks resume. 5

Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “The Long Morrow.” After talking Theresa off a ledge Wednesday night, I realized that I’d better reinstate this feature. (Part of her problem was that she watched the premiere with someone who is a big Christopher fan. I have a hard time with Christopher fans. I actually see it as […]

“The geeks shall inherit the earth.” 1

As I mentioned before, Mike and I have been working our way through the 18 episodes of Freaks and Geeks that he gave me for my birthday. We finished the last of them on Thursday, and we’ve been watching commentaries over the past few days. [Aside: On the subject of commentaries and DVD extras, can […]

Rambling thoughts. 5

Alisa and Carla have reported that they like the songs on the CD I made, except for one: The Dandy Warhols singing “We Used to Be Friends,” AKA the Veronica Mars theme song. I’ve started running again, and I’ve been using that playlist. I have to say that “We Used to Be Friends is a […]