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An embarrassing fact. 7

Whenever Phil says the following: “The world is waiting for you. Good luck. Travel safe,” I always tear up. Every time. I love the roadblocks and the detours and the fast forwards. And I love the end of the race, when Phil tells them how many miles they’ve gone and how many countries they visited. […]

Confession. 7

I am watching the 2-hour season premiere of 90210. Stop judging me. Actually, keep on judging me. I am judging myself. But not very harshly, because I can’t stop thinking about the glory days of 90210. Which I wasn’t really allowed to watch when it was on, but which I definitely watched in syndication. And, […]

A Clear Midnight by Walt Whitman 0

This is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless, Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done, Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thou lovest best, Night, sleep, death and the stars. — Happy National Poetry Month!

In Character. 10

Cookie Monster interviewed on NPR. It’s as delightful as you would hope. The “In Character” feature on NPR got me thinking . . . who is my favorite fictional character? Though it can be from literature, film, television, or song, they specifically want it to be American, so my first thought, Anne Shirley, isn’t an […]

Fact: Dwight Schrute likes to travel. 1

When we started the Dwight Schrute’s Travels set on Flickr, a few people thought we would be releasing a new picture of Dwight regularly. But we had mostly just planned on taking pictures of him when we visited interesting places. However, since people seem to think we should have regular pictures of Dwight, we are […]

Reasons to enjoy the new show Aliens in America. 4

1. Clarence Wiedman. Clarence Wiedman, people. So what if he’s a guidance counselor in this show? He will still shoot you. Because he is Clarence effing Wiedman. 2. Scott Patterson. Wow, I love Clarence Wiedman, because I put him on this list before Scott Patterson. It’s nice to have Scott Patterson on my TV again, […]

Two goodbyes?! This hardly seems fair. 5

Bye, Veronica. I’ll miss you (and Wallace and Mac and Keith and Piz and Dick and, yes, even Logan) and your snarky, cynical self. So, who wants to recommend some shows I really ought to get into? Because my schedule’s pretty open. (What’s the Grey’s spinoff that Piz is in . . . should I […]

“See you later.” 6

Spoilers for “Bon Voyage.” We’re all Gilmore, all the time here, lately, eh? Well, thanks for bringing up such a painful subject, since that was the last episode ever, and I won’t have anything else to to say about the show. Ever. Thanks. No, that’s fine. I’m not crying over here. There was no crying […]

My Gilmore Girls CDs. Yes, CDs. I am aware I have a problem. Stop judging me. 11

I’m not ready to talk about the episode yet (though there is a spoiler at the very end of this post), but to tide you over, here are the listings for the CDs I made as party favors for our series finale party. I didn’t mean to end up with two discs. It just happened. […]

Tonight’s the night. 1

There are about eight jillion wonderful articles about the end of Gilmore Girls tonight, but my favorite so far? Entertainment Weekly’s got Sean Gunn’s favorite Kirk scenes. Enjoy!

An unexpected benefit. 4

One of the local colleges has a radio station, and when the students are gone in the summer, they let members of the community run it. Mike has completed the training, and all he has to do is take the test and then sign up for a weekly spot. You know what this means, right? […]

Was that our last town meeting ever? 8

Spoilers for “Unto the Breach” below. Honestly, I thought this week’s was not as good as the past two weeks were. I liked Kirk-in-a-box, and Rory and Lorelai had some good scenes, and Sookie was fun. And Babbette and Miss Patty. And the town wanting to attend Rory’s graduation. And, of course, Paris and Rory […]

Officially. Not. Renewed. 5

Well, The CW and The Girls apparently couldn’t work out a deal, so there won’t be a season 8 of Gilmore Girls. Two more episodes, and that’s it. From the beginning of the season, I wanted this to be the end, but . . . we wasted so much of this last season on Christopher. […]

“It actually tastes pretty good once you get past the whole ‘pornographic dessert’ issue.” 10

Spoilers for “Lorelai? Lorelai?” below. Holy Moses, I just wrote a nice long post and Firefox ate it! I’m so sad! And mad! I’m smad! My own fault, I know, but I’m still smad about it. (And why did hitting backspace make me lose the entire post? I don’t think it’s ALL my fault, okay?) […]

“You know how Jack Bauer should torture terrorists? Make them go car shopping with their exes.” 8

Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “It’s Just Like Riding A Bike.” Holy Moses, could I have loved this episode any more? Lorelai back in the diner! Jackson’s pajamas from . . . whatever season that was (season 2? Is that right?)! Lorelai pulling Oreos out of her purse! M. Ward playing on the jukebox! Sookie […]

I think my favorite part was Luke’s fabulous bracelet. 3

So, I never wrote about “Gilmore Girls Only,” and I don’t really know why that is. We were on vacation when we watched it, and I did, in fact, take the entire trip to Charlotte as a shout-out to me. The show and I are kind of codependent. Anyway, what I will say about “Gilmore […]

Dear Susan, 5

Have you seen this video of Kristen Bell and Chris Lowell? Because it is freaking adorable. (Don’t hate it just because you hate Piz. You will miss out on all the fun that way.) Sincerely, Kari

“Is that a joke?” 7

Spoilers for “Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?” If it weren’t for the fact that it wasn’t as speedy as it used to be, I’d hardly have been able to tell that this week’s episode wasn’t old-school Gilmore. And that, my friends, is quite a compliment. One of the things that made it feel old-school […]

In vino veritas. 3

Spoilers for last night’s Gilmore Girls: “I’m a Kayak, Hear Me Roar.” How great was it to get an episode that had townies and grandparent action and no Christopher? It was like spring came early! No, like Christmas came early! You know, the really sad thing is that the first half of the season could […]

“Haven’t you ever done something you wish you could take back later?” 6

Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “Farewell, My Pet.” So, is it just me, or does it sound like Christopher has been reading my blog? He said all the things I’ve been saying! He even said part of it in a more clever way, like the “disengagement” line. I totally could have thought of that! Lorelai […]