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Diary of a crazed fangirl. 9

The first Olympics that Mike and I experienced together were the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. I heard that they didn’t have very good ratings, but Mike and I watched them faithfully all the same. While I will watch any Olympic event, the Summer Olympics don’t capture my heart like the Winter Games do. I […]

The 1991 test. 5

The other day, my mom and I were talking about how things changed around these parts after 1991. Before 1991, it was rare to see a Duke fan. People cared about State and Carolina, and there was some support for Wake, but the Duke fans were very outnumbered. And then came 1991, when Duke won […]

Four items that wouldn’t add up to blog entries on their own. 5

One. The only time we watch commercials these days is when we’re watching sports (thank you, TiVo). And with NFL and post-season baseball both getting a fair amount of airtime in our house, we’ve seen more commercials than usual. There’s a weird commercial . . . I’m not sure what it’s for, maybe wireless internet […]

My team won the national championship. And I am glad. 15

At one of the more stressful points last night, I turned to Mike and said, “I’m sorry. This is all my fault. You wouldn’t care about this game if not for me.” Later on, when things were looking better, I said, “But, you know, I wouldn’t have cared so much when the Panthers lost the […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year 7

I have discovered the secret to overcoming Daylight Savings Time. If you sleep like crap the week beforehand (as I did), you won’t be on any kind of schedule and your body won’t have such a problem adjusting. This morning it didn’t feel like 5:30 when my alarm went off. It felt like 6:30, because […]

Quote from Mike 9

“I think Billy Packer wants to marry Sean May’s hands. He keeps talking about how great his hands are.”

God only knows why they chose that song 15

During the myriad of basketball we watched last week, we kept seeing ads for the new special edition of Hoosiers. The ads quoted ESPN, which named Hoosiers the best sports movie of the past 25 years. Mike kept asking me, “Is it really the best sports movie? Better than Rudy?” I don’t like to make […]

Actual messages left yesterday between a Duke fan and his daughter 1

*beep* “Hey, Kari, it’s your dad. I just wanted you to know, your team is GOING DOWN!!!” *beep* “Hey, Dad, it’s me. I got your message, and I just wanted to let you know that I am not going to say anything about how my team is going to beat your team, because, when my […]

A contradiction of sorts. 14

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Kelly and I baked some sugar cookies from scratch and then watched the Panthers game. That reminded her of a conversation she’d had with a friend of hers about contradictions. Her friend, Anna, eats sausage biscuits with her pinkies sticking out, but she also loves The Simpsons. Kelly decided that her […]

Two memories. 13

It seems like a good time for sports-related memories. Here are two of mine. Softball practice, circa 1992. I’m not sure why I was catching at that practice. Rosemary was our catcher that season, but she must have been out or unavailable or something. I think that season I was playing right field (more on […]

My turn to weigh in on the Olympics 10

I took an atlas home on Friday night so Mike and I could look up the countries we hadn’t heard of while we were watching the opening ceremonies. Every country we hadn’t heard of was an island country in the Pacific Ocean. One of my friends said, “You took an atlas home? Only geeks would […]

We’re Number Eight! 0

Stories like this are why I love this time of year. ETA: If you’re not registered and don’t want to register, the story is about Mount St. Mary’s, whose basketball team gets to go to the NEC tournament because of a game they won last night, placing them eighth in their conference. The students stormed […]

God is in the Tub 1

Have you met my theory that God Doesn’t Do Free Throws, Awards Shows, Or Reality Television? It’s one of my favorites. God is busy, Danielle. It’s like the way you don’t bother your mom to break up fights between you and your sister when she’s relaxing in the tub. Come to think of it, that […]