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prone to wander. 6

Atticus and I have been walking the streets of our neighborhood, counting political signs and dogs and (of course) trucks. He cranes his head to look for airplanes from the comfort of his stroller. We talk about his day. We watch the leaves fall. Mike made a playlist that features songs we think Atticus can […]

before you came into my life I missed you so bad. 6

My feelings about Atticus were complicated before he was born. We hadn’t met, so even though I cared about and for him, it was difficult having a stranger living inside me. Not to mention that he was (and is) an active boy. When I was pregnant, this meant that he constantly kicked me. It was […]

Dear Atticus, the power of music 1

Dear Atticus, At dinnertime last night, you looked like this. You were tickled about something and kept laughing at yourself, which made us laugh. Around and around for about ten minutes. We knew at the time that you were tired, which was making you silly. And, boy, did we pay for you being tired about […]

Dear Atticus, on music part II 19

Compressed music by Ferrari + caballos + fuerza = cerebro Humano. Shared under a Creative Commons license. Dear Atticus, I thought it might be fun to share a playlist of songs that I have been listening to since April. 1. “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire – From the trailer of the movie Where the Wild […]

Dear Atticus, on music 1

Another letter from Mike. Dear Atticus, Your mom asked me to write to you about music. I think music occupies the same space in my life as books do in her life. I could not live without music just like she could not live without books. I remember when I was five or six going […]

I read the news today, oh boy. 1

As I was driving to my mom’s house today, I heard “A Day in the Life” on my iPod and marveled at how perfectly constructed it is. I listened to it twice, turning it up loud so Atticus could be sure to hear it. Mike and I have been working to make him a Beatles […]

Days, nights, stories. 13

We have been speaking of mix CDs here lately, and one reason they have been on my mind is that we’ve been hard at work on some for a few weeks. Before we went to New York this fall, Mike kept saying he’d like to make a New York playlist. But, with one thing and […]

So all I have is me to give. 2

Christmas time came too soon The bells rang loud and I’m hitting snooze Buy some time if I weren’t broke But I owe I owe I owe I owe I owe I owe I owe My credit card is full of doubt The government won’t bail me out This year I must take it slow […]

Aunts and uncles: Do not read this post! Or you will ruin Christmas! 2

We’ve been trying to give generously this Christmas season. The canned food drive, of course, and there are these boxes of food you can buy and donate at Food Lion, and we’ve been adding one to our cart every time we go shopping. We had also been thinking about making some kind of Christmas donation […]

And though the news was rather sad. 9

I realized yesterday that today is the anniversary of John Lennon’s death. I was alive in 1980, but a little young to be a Beatles/John Lennon fan, so I really only know of a world in which there is no chance of the Beatles reuniting. John has never been my favorite Beatle (I’m looking at […]

Video for your Sunday enjoyment. 0

It is cold and raining. I am going to make chili if Mike will go to the store and get the rest of the things I need. But meanwhile, I am just going to keep watching this delightful video of The Swell Season playing in Houston. They asked for audience participation, and when Glen heard […]

100 books that defined the noughties 16

The Telegraph has posted a list of 100 books that defined the last decade. I have read 19 of them. I am ashamed to say that one of those is The Da Vinci Code. A few others are on my short list (which is different than the large list that is in huge piles next […]

Homemade gift #4 4

I had the hardest time with Lydia’s CD. I had a theme picked out, and it ended up not working at all. So I had to scrap the whole thing and send the other three CDs while I was still working on Lydia’s. But since she is such a reader, I decided to go with […]

Homemade gift #3 5

This one is for Bethany – I made a back-to-school playlist for her and her husband. He teaches choir. I’m sure you can guess what song I felt I MUST include (tune into Fox Wednesdays at 9 if you have no idea). I apologize for that, but I couldn’t help myself. Some of the songs […]

Homemade gift #2 6

My second homemade gift was for Kara, who, as far as I know, does not have a blog for me to link. Kara likes gardening, which intrigued me since all I ever do is kill plants. She also likes country music, so I tried to give it a bit of a country feel. This one […]

Homemade gift #1. 9

Way back in May, I said I would make some homemade gifts. But I don’t make things. So I ended up making mix CDs. I am pretty proud of them, so I am going to post the track lists for you to peruse. First up, April! April got a new sod backyard, so I created […]

I was seventeen years young. 4

I made a “Back to School” playlist today that includes some albums that I have been wanting to listen to (The Hold Steady, Jack Johnson, Elliot Smith, Emmylou Harris) and some back to school songs. There are not a whole lot of back to school songs that aren’t, you know, the Beach Boys singing about […]

Reasons we are too old to go to concerts. 7

Mike and I went to see She & Him at the Cat’s Cradle last night. We realized a few things. 1. We are too old for concerts without assigned seating. Too old, I tell you! When we saw Glen and Marketa, we had assigned seating, and it was basically the best ever. No waiting in […]

But of going through life feeling numb. 1

Eef Barzelay’s new CD has a song called “I Love the Unknown,” which was also on the Clem Snide CD Your Favorite Music. We are big Eef fans in this house, and I have been listening to his new CD a lot. As I was singing “I Love the Unknown” in the shower one morning, […]

More swears per minute. 6

I have a bit of a sore throat, and I took some Tylenol PM last night. So this morning, I am not really sure that I can run. Benadryl hangover, wooo! Instead of running, maybe I will tell you about my running playlist. It horrifies Mike, who says, “That has more swears per minute than […]