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pilgrimage. 3

I made a very Baptist version of a pilgrimage this weekend, visiting Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School class in Plains, Georgia. I had been saying for a while that I wanted to go, and then he made the announcement about his cancer and I realized that I needed to quit messing around and actually make it […]

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I went to Moral Monday this week. There were lots of television cameras, and the reporters kept asking the participants why they were there. I studiously avoided them all because the idea of me breaking into tears while trying to explain that I want a better world for my son was beyond embarrassing. But I […]

saving my life: the solidarity of strangers. 8

I am not going to get into the miscalculations I made that caused me to have to carry my screaming child out of Target upside down on Wednesday. Let’s just say that I have learned the hard way: snow day excitement + hot chocolate + toy department at Target = horror show and humiliation for […]

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We had a rather ornery morning in our house, so the things I had thought about posting seem a little false. Here are three things that have stayed with me this week that are saving my life instead. — We call facts like flight extraordinary because they violate ordinary facts like gravity. But ordinary facts […]

saving my life: now I am three. 3

I’m afraid that I don’t often veer from the formula of vaguely talking about some difficulty we are experiencing with Atticus (read: stubbornness, always with the stubbornness) and then bringing it back around to how amazing he is. Part of that is a conscious choice to tell my story and not my child’s. I read […]

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I get a double-whammy of nostalgia and hope on January 1st, because it’s not just a new calendar year, but it’s also a new year of Atticus’s life. I didn’t have much to say about 2013 as it faded away. It was a hard year for a lot of people in my life on many […]

saving my life. 3

On Sunday night, I had a three-year-old and an almost-three-year-old who wanted pancakes for dinner. After I had already started, they both decided that they wanted to help. There were a loud few minutes as they pulled chairs over to the counter and each demanded to be the ones who stirred the batter, mad that […]

saving my life: candletime 4

“Let Evening Come” by Jane Kenyon Let the light of late afternoon shine through chinks in the barn, moving up the bales as the sun moves down. Let the cricket take up chafing as a woman takes up her needles and her yarn. Let evening come. Let dew collect on the hoe abandoned in long […]

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Right around the time when I was congratulating myself for having taken apart and then put back together various technology carts so that every single teacher had what they needed, all the laptops in my building died. It’s a long story involving old laptops and an operating system upgrade but the point of the story […]

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On Thursday, I had one of those looooooooong days that teachers have at the beginning of the school year (open house is exhausting, y’all) and I knew I wouldn’t be home before Atticus went to bed. I was bummed about it. But Atticus heard my heart’s cries and he decided to wake me up an […]

saving my life. 2

Oh, hey, I had a piece at Art House America’s blog yesterday about canning tomatoes with my grandma and you should go read it. — Did you see this post on Buzzfeed about being stuck between Generations X and Y? Most of those accurately describe me. Gen X are basically the cooler older brothers and […]

salvation song. 1

Mike had jury duty on Monday. Let me pause here for a minute and say that I would be an excellent juror and I am not sure why I never get called for jury duty. Possibly it is because I am a little overeager. Pick me, pick me! I was obviously jealous of Mike, although […]

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I went to DC with my students back in March and was lucky to be able to attend ISTE in San Antonio for work this week. Both trips were fun and relationship-building, but they were also tiring physically and mentally. The most surprising thing to me was how intensely I ached, both times, for Mike […]

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We filled the car to the brim with swimsuits and books and groceries and made the pilgrimage to the beach house my family has been visiting for over 20 years. The porch is one of my favorite places to be, and even though it was under construction, we managed to enjoy it. There is no […]

saving my life. 6

Every week after the bread is broken and the wine is poured, these words are spoken: the gifts of God for the people of God. The ordinary made extraordinary when we share the meal. In the Bible, Jesus is portrayed as physical and practical. Take and eat this food. Shake that dust from your sandals. […]

saving my life. 1

Last Tuesday, Atticus and I showed up at the surgical center before 6:30 (yes, that is in the morning) for him to get a second round of tubes. He’d had three ear infections in the two months since his first set fell out, and those ear infections were making all of us miserable. So, tubes. […]

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“Dusting” by Marilyn Nelson Thank you for these tiny particles of ocean salt, pearl-necklace viruses, winged protozoans: for the infinite, intricate shapes of submicroscopic living things. For algae spores and fungus spores, bonded by vital mutual genetic cooperation, spreading their inseparable lives from equator to pole. My hand, my arm, make sweeping circles. Dust climbs […]

how to lose your life. 5

I had a friend in high school who did actual Bible drills, presenting the Bible with one hand on top and one underneath until he was given the signal to start searching. He was good at it, could find chapter and verse without breaking any of the rules by flipping pages. My church didn’t do […]

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I put Shrove Tuesday in my phone because I had ideas of making something nice for Atticus. I don’t particularly like pancakes but I like ritual and memories and bacon. In my mind, I was being gracious: It’s for Atticus. A holiday for children. But it turned out that the pancakes were pretty good. Atticus’s […]

how to save someone else’s life. 7

It seemed an inconsequential decision at the time: Well, we are going to visit some churches and that guy Frank, he was nice, so why don’t we visit his church? After the service, Frank and Patsy took us out to lunch and I have no idea whether I said the words I am not interested […]