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Good things in January. 9

January was filled with books and organizing and exercising. I have to say, to be honest with you, 2009 kind of sucked in a lot of ways. But this was a good beginning to the new year. I know many of you also write “good things” posts, and I would love it if you would […]

Good things in December. 2

December 1 – Good workshop with friends. And white siding on our house instead of green. December 2 – Dinner meeting with fellow librarians. Good times. December 3 – My last class ever. (EVER. If I try to take classes again, remind me how much I hate taking classes.) And dinner with my book club. […]

Good things in November. 2

November 1 – All Saints’ Sunday at church. November 2 – Dinner at Phoenix for my mom’s birthday. November 3 – Finished my last paper ever. (Maybe not ever, but let’s just say that it is.) November 4 – Finished Jesus Girls, which will be on my top ten list for the year. November 5 […]

Good things in October: Addendum. 6

When I saw Brandi’s picture of Mad-Eye Moody, I realized I had left off a good thing of my own. Not because of Mad-Eye Moody, but because I had a picture I meant to show you. I don’t know how I forgot this. My OTHER good thing for October 7 can be seen in this […]

Good things in October. 4

I have been dreading October since the summer. I knew it would be busy with fun things, but it’s also a hard part of the school year and a hard part of the semester when you are taking classes. This is my testimony of how I survived. And now it is over and I am […]

Good things in September. 4

Sept 1 – Watched Mike freak out while reading Catching Fire. Sept 2 – Went for a really good walk after church. Sept 3 – Went for a walk with Emily after class. Sept 4 – Planned a fun art/literature unit with the art teacher. Sept 5 – Cookout with our neighbors and John and […]

Good things in August. 7

August 1 – Saw Scott and Kelly in Raleigh with Randy and Melissa. (Got lost. And then unlost. Also went to Trader Joe’s.) August 2 – Toured a house with Jason and Alisa and waited for Brandi to arrive. August 3 – Watched O Brother, Where Art Thou outside on the big screen. August 4 […]

Good things in July. 12

You know what I don’t like? Blog posts where people post about how they don’t have anything to say. I didn’t have anything to say, so I didn’t say it. But I’m back! I think. I also don’t like posts where people apologize for not posting. It’s okay not to post! I was busy. Doing […]

Good things in June. 0

June 1 – Everything before we drove to Ultimate Frisbee and got a bad phone call. June 2 – One of my students said some very positive and uplifting things that made me feel good about my job. June 3 – The thunderstorm (that I had to chat online during) did not destroy my computer. […]

Good things in May. 3

June has been deeply unkind to me thus far, so you will have to excuse the delay. I didn’t want to think about good things. I wanted to wallow. May 1 – I made the best cauliflower side dish EVER. (Basically this without the pasta. Make sure you get it very brown and soft.) May […]

Good things in April. 3

With all due respect, Mr. Eliot, I think that March was a whole lot more cruel than April this year. 1. Dinner at Lucky 32 for Andrea’s birthday. Also, I spanked both Alisa and Andrea in Uno. 2. Solaris for my friend Ginny’s birthday. Half-price tapas! 3. I went out to dinner for the third […]

Good things in March. 3

1. The deacon meeting was canceled because of snow. And so I don’t sound like a total heathen: Sunday service was really good. 2. SNOW DAY! 3. My class got out about 45 minutes early, and I came home and had tea and toast. 4. Two-hour delay! And my students worked hard in spite of […]

Good things for February. 1

I would have posted this yesterday, but I was too busy having fun in the snow. Guess what my good thing for March 2nd will be? TOO MUCH FUN TO LIST. Feb 1 – The Male Bakeoff took place. Also, there was a great sermon at church and the Super Bowl party we went to […]

Good things for January. 8

Okay, I’m on Brandi’s bandwagon, and I have decided to write down good things for each day. If there’s something that was good enough to write down, there’s probably a decent story, so if you want to know about something, just ask and I will be glad to explain (most of the time). 1. Went […]