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A Clear Midnight by Walt Whitman 0

This is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless, Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done, Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thou lovest best, Night, sleep, death and the stars. — Happy National Poetry Month!

Double Love and Secrets by Francine Pascal 8

Random House is re-releasing the Sweet Valley High series, with updated references (this means cell phones and Elizabeth writes for the website instead of the newspaper) and character descriptions (this means “perfect size four” rather than “perfect size six”). In honor of this glorious event, I would like to share a treasured photo with you. […]

I am not sure I can come up with more strange things to tell you about myself. (That’s not to say there aren’t any. Just that I don’t want to tell you about them.) 7

Seriously, you guys. I have confessed to a lot of quirks here. And those are just the entries in which I was specifically talking about quirks. I think we all know that I have revealed more strange/quirky things than that. Like that time I ate the mint chocolate chip ice cream to keep the peace, […]

I’m honestly not sure how to improve upon, “Gentlemen, start your ovens!” 11

Yesterday the fragrance of baking filled our home. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Super Bowl weekend can only mean one thing: the Male Bakeoff approacheth! Let’s review our Male Bakeoff experiences, shall we? The first year that Mike participated, he made a Chocolate Irish Cream Cake and won “Best First-Time Entry.” The second year, he […]

Let the Roomba revolution begin. 5

Let’s get one thing straight. Having a Roomba doesn’t make me lazy. I am a very busy woman, with a job and church commitments and also I am taking two classes this semester! Also, the Roomba gets under the bed. I never vacuumed under the bed. Our standard of living is actually higher now. (Okay, […]

In which Joseph and Mike achieve ultimate fulfillment in the form of red meat. 7

Over the weekend, we flew to Florida for my uncle’s surprise 70th birthday party. Now, when I tell you that we flew on a private plane to go to a surprise party at the yacht club, you know that’s not how my life normally goes, right? But it was nice to pretend that it was. […]

Two videos that have made us laugh. 1

I don’t normally link videos, but these have given Mike his silly laugh, and that means they really should be shared. First, we love our epic films. We’ll be going to see this ASAP. (HT: Alissa.) And we are a little bit afraid of how much this actually seems like us. (Seriously. I don’t want […]

In which I teach you the truth about hieroglyphs and UFOs. 4

For her 30th birthday, my friend Melissa had a murder mystery party. I was an archaeologist who believed that hieroglyphics hold evidence that UFOs have come to earth. Here are some pictures from my expeditions! Here I am with my friend Indiana Jones. Perhaps you have seen some of his documentaries. We went together on […]

Because Dwight photos never get old. 4

My dad would always change this “NOEL” to “EL NO,” so my mom set it up that way for him this year. Dwight approves. For some reason, this one makes me laugh a lot. I think it’s the look on Dwight’s face (which makes no sense . . . he has the same look in […]

That Dwight, so disobedient. 0

Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The day I accidentally became Michael Scott. 2

Author’s note: Keep in mind that our upstairs heat is not working. MIKE: It’s going to be cold in here in the morning. KARI: You know what would be awesome? MIKE: No. KARI: If we got the coffeepot ready and then brought it up here so that, in the morning, we could turn it on […]

This week by the numbers. 7

Sweaters with apples on them: 1. Sweaters with apples on them worn by me: 0. (I hope you knew this already.) Times I sang the “Jeans Day” song this morning: At least 5. (I got to wear jeans! To work!) Times before this week I have been jealous of Mike getting to wear jeans on […]

Speaking of simple gifts. 5

In an age in which fortune cookies are more likely to give lame advice than actual fortunes, my brother recently received what is, without dispute, the greatest fortune of all time. No, seriously. That’s not hyperbole. What did it say? “God will give you whatever you want.” Oh my gosh, you guys. It was his […]

Your attention please. I’d like to say a few words: Eternal Glory. 14

If bookstores and websites can put out books full of Harry Potter predictions, why can’t Mike and I get in on that game? Well, we don’t have a publisher, but other than that, why can’t we get in on that game? So, here is our giant post full of our best Harry Potter predictions. You […]

Not what you want to read just before quitting time on Friday. 4

At least, not if you’re a librarian. Check out this Amazon review of Pride and Prejudice.

The revolution was not only televised, it was featured on Oprah. 10

Would you rather hear about the M. Ward concert I went to last night, or the awkwardness I had at the grocery store this morning? Both? Really? Okay. I’ll start with the awkwardness. I am well-known for awkwardness at the grocery store, what with the apple-lanches and the having to ask tall people to get […]

An action shot. 6

Mike and Trey dance with a pickle. Luckily Brandi caught this moment (from the greatest day of my life) on film.

This is a geeky entry. Sorry about that. 3

I’m currently reading Ken Jennings’ book (don’t look at me like that. How can I resist a book with blurbs from both Will Shortz AND A.J. Jacobs?!) and I’m enjoying it. It’s about his time on Jeopardy and also about the history of trivia, specifically trivia competitions. The two topics merge together well – people […]

Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I’m not a fool. 8

KARI: What are you doing? MIKE: I’m looking up what the principal at this school looks like, in case I see her tomorrow. KARI: That’s smart. So you’ll be at the school tomorrow? MIKE: Yes. Now I have to try to remember her name. Principal Brady. KARI: You need a mnemonic device. MIKE: I was […]

Wordplay. 6

I am notoriously bad at Scrabble. What I have figured out is that I am not great at games where there is a lot of visual information to take in, like Nerts or Scrabble. I can’t see all of those things at once. In Scrabble, that means that I create words that start or end […]