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making it. 7

Since January 1st, I have been caught between two of my own firmly-held beliefs: that it will be better for Atticus for me to stay home and, conversely, that I will be a better mother if I go back to work. All the research makes it sound as if his best chances for success rest […]

thin. 8

Stack by Kate Andrews. Happy Shrove Tuesday! I have only been to church once since Christmas Eve. There was snow and then Atticus and I am finally just at the point where I recognize the days of the week again. This past Sunday I stayed on the couch in my pajamas. It was raining. Atticus […]

unfolding. 15

Oh, You. Who are You? What do You want of me? What will I be doing on this day next year? Don’t tell me. (You wouldn’t anyway, would You?) Do You know, Yourself, or is it left partly to me? Are You withholding my life from me, or unfolding it with me? Are You an […]

good stuff sprinkled in. 13

Besides telling me that it gets better, the thing that I keep hearing is that I need to cherish this time. It has been hard to imagine why anyone would say that, really. Not sleeping for more than three hours at a time? Being spit up on? The fear of smelling like sour milk? What […]

Days of grace. 6

Last week, the US Figure Skating Championships were in Greensboro. And a year and a half ago, for my birthday, Mike got me tickets to every single event. This was a truly amazing present, and I was super excited about it. And then I got pregnant. And I was due three weeks before the skating […]

baby hours. 8

Today one of my friends said that baby hours are longer than regular hours. This is true, especially when you are trying to problem-solve a mysterious crying fit. Your diaper is clean, your belly is full, your clothes are warm, nothing is too tight, you are safe. So why aren’t you happy? The hours spent […]

all that’s in store for you. 18

Mike and I don’t exchange presents on Christmas or Valentine’s Day or our anniversary. We save presents solely for birthdays, and we try to make them really special. Sometime during the past nine months, I decided that I should also get a present on Atticus’s birthday. Not just this year, but every year. For doing […]

three. 23

I have written a lot of thank-you notes lately, and, in many of them, there was some variation on the idea that we appreciate people’s help as we become a family of three. To some people, “family” implies the presence of children, but I believe that Mike and I were a family already. Over the […]

wait in hope. 7

I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s, the way everything slows down for us. This year, as we are on Labor Watch 2010 (please come soon, little one), things are even slower than usual. The Christmas snow is still blanketing the ground, though our road is as clear and dry as can be. […]

heroic. 7

I am sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but growing a person is hard work. I come home and sometimes I can read a little, but mostly my brain is in blerg mode. Which, of course, makes it sound like I have the attention span to watch TV. Decidedly untrue, […]

simple gifts. 6

I do cry easily now, mostly because of how tired I get. The sleep, it is not happening. And, please, don’t tell me that my body is just getting ready for the lack of sleep once Atticus gets here. As someone astutely observed this past week, you don’t go on a diet to prepare for […]

snow day. 2

I like the other shot better, but Mike wasn’t here to take it. And he liked this one. You’ll note that the sweater closes in quite a different place.

Dear Atticus, Happy Thanksgiving 3

Dear Atticus, Today is Thanksgiving! It’s a holiday I love because it centers on food, family, and gratitude. Your dad loves Thanksgiving, too. He has to have certain foods or it just doesn’t count. We are particularly fond of bacon-wrapped green beans. I hope you like them when I have some later today. By the […]

four hearts. 3

“I see them there, and think how in those two women four hearts are beating, and it awes me.” –Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner For togetherness.

Dear Atticus, family matters 4

Dear Atticus, Today is your grammy’s birthday! Nothing would make her happier than for you to let me sleep through the night. Just saying. This seems like a good time to talk to you about family. When I was growing up, I was close to many of my aunts and uncles and cousins. I spent […]

expectant. 3

As for me, I look to the Lord for help. I wait confidently for God to save me, and my God will certainly hear me. -Micah 7:7 (NLT) We went to Target over the weekend to get supplies for our annual Great Pumpkin Party. Target is moving on past Halloween and is ready for other […]

multitudes. 8

I have been wanting for a while to post a belly shot and to quote Walt Whitman. So here we go. Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.) -Walt Whitman Though I contain just one other person, I am feeling pretty large these days. “Multitudes” doesn’t […]

I read the news today, oh boy. 1

As I was driving to my mom’s house today, I heard “A Day in the Life” on my iPod and marveled at how perfectly constructed it is. I listened to it twice, turning it up loud so Atticus could be sure to hear it. Mike and I have been working to make him a Beatles […]

to trust is to love. 7

“Testy Pony” by Zachary Schomburg I am given a pony for my birthday, but it is the wrong kind of pony. It is the kind of pony that won’t listen. It is testy. When I ask it to go left, it goes right. When I ask it to run, it sleeps on its side in […]

Can I say I wish that this weather would never leave? 13

There are leaves on the ground here, but only because it has been so hot and dry. The relief we felt when the heat broke over the weekend was surely akin to what Noah and his motley crew of animals and family felt when it finally stopped raining. The past two mornings, I have stepped […]