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2/28: Brown Girl Dreaming 0

Every day in February, I am celebrating Black History Month by posting children’s and YA books that you should know about. I am not going to claim that this is an exhaustive list of the best and the greatest, just that they are books that have resonated with my family and my students. Some of […]

1/28: Sit-In 0

Every day in February, I am celebrating Black History Month by posting children’s and YA books that you should know about. I am not going to claim that this is an exhaustive list of the best and the greatest, just that they are books that have resonated with my family and my students. Some of […]

what I have been reading (end of January edition). 0

My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories edited by Stephanie Perkins, featuring stories by Rainbow Rowell, Gayle Forman, Matt de la Pena, and others (I purchased a copy) At YALLfest, I saw a panel discussion on this book of holiday short stories and it sounded so fun. There are Christmas and New Year’s […]

a poem for sunday. 1

As ideas about words and images have been debated over the past weeks, I have wondered what it is that I find to be disrespectful in the extreme. What is out of bounds or an affront to God? What will I teach Atticus about these things? As I was thinking about it, I clicked on […]

what I have been reading (catching up and starting new edition). 1

(Happy “noon” year from Atticus. We went to the public library for their countdown at noon and he really wanted to borrow this hat. Alas, it was not for checking out, only for photoboothing.) I didn’t write up some of the books I read at the end of last year. I’m going to give you […]

books read 2014. 6

January 1. The Story of God, the Story of Us: Getting Lost and Found in the Bible by Sean Gladding (nf) 2. The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh (f) 3. The Priority List: A Teacher’s Final Quest to Discover Life’s Greatest Lessons by David Menasche (nf) 4. Parentology: Everything You Wanted to Know About […]

on waiting. 5

The news this week made me feel a certain amount of hopelessness. Will things in our country ever be less divided?Will we ever understand each other more? Is it crazy to wish that we might be able to find both peace and justice living comfortably together? After wallowing in despair for a day or two, […]

on candletime. 1

I didn’t really say much this year about candletime, the made up season where we light candles every night to fight the darkness of November. But we are still celebrating this year, despite the challenges of a kid who wants to blow out the candles and a cat (Mike read a bunch of stuff online […]

we ache in secret, memorizing. 0

“November for Beginners” by Rita Dove Snow would be the easy way out—that softening sky like a sigh of relief at finally being allowed to yield. No dice. We stack twigs for burning in glistening patches but the rain won’t give. So we wait, breeding mood, making music of decline. We sit down in the […]

yallfest 2014. 0

I went to YALLfest a few weeks ago with some library friends. If you didn’t click that link I will tell you that YALLfest is a young adult literature festival in Charleston, SC. I had never been before but a friend was organizing a trip and it seemed like too much fun to pass up. […]

the prodigal daughter returns. 3

The first Sunday I went back to church, I felt tender and bruised, like I was not sure what I was doing. I felt tears about to spill over more than once. I still have a lot of questions about my place there, but I was ready to try. I have never in my life […]

two books I finished. 0

I don’t have a whole reading roundup but I have finished two books and then I abandoned The Goldfinch after wasting a bunch of time on it so I thought I would go ahead and write these two up to get myself back in the reading groove. Damaged Goods: New Perspectives on Christian Purity by […]

a poem for sunday. 0

This poem was read just before we took communion this morning, and this evening I told Atticus that this was my favorite part of the day. I love being able to take communion with him. He gets shy and serious, a little bit determined. This morning he was concerned: every time the pastor mentioned wine, […]

on swinging. 0

“The Swing” by Robert Louis Stevenson How do you like to go up in a swing, Up in the air so blue? Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing Ever a child can do! Up in the air and over the wall, Till I can see so wide, Rivers and trees and cattle and […]

on the doxology. 0

At our church, we sing a non-gender-specific version of the doxology. This is my preference, and it is the one we have been singing with Atticus since he was very small. However. We tend to go to the early service at church, the one with less liturgy and more wiggle room for kids. Because of […]

atticus recommends. 0

There is an adorable show called Tumble Leaf on Amazon Prime that Atticus started watching this summer. I don’t know exactly what Atticus likes about it, but to me it is warm and gentle and funny in ways that a lot of kids’ shows aren’t. It features Fig the Fox and his best friend Stick […]

wordless wednesday. 0

Yesterday we took Atticus on a walk and fed the birds. The whole afternoon was golden just like this. Also I am bad at the whole wordless thing.

on reviewing the day. 0

When we sit together at dinner, we go around and say our favorite and least favorite parts of the day. I got the idea from someone who was talking about simple ways to do the Examen with children, and Atticus has responded well to talking about good and bad things from the day. I think […]

atticus recommends. 1

Atticus wants you to know that right now his jam is “Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams. When we listen to it (which is all the time) he makes a slightly mean/intense face. (Mic in one hand, air guitar with the other.) Presumably this is how rock stars look. Seems legit. I hope you will […]

a poem for sunday. 1

No family story today, I am afraid. But I have been thinking about this poem lately so this seems like a good time to post it. “At the End of Life, a Secret” by Reginald Dwayne Betts Everything measured. A man twists a tuft of your hair out for no reason other than you are […]