4/28: Ron’s Big Mission

Every day in February, I am celebrating Black History Month by posting children’s and YA books that you should know about. I am not going to claim that this is an exhaustive list of the best and the greatest, just that they are books that have resonated with my family and my students. Some of them feature historical figures, while some are contemporary fiction. For more great books check out The Brown Bookshelf and We Need Diverse Books.

imageI bought Ron’s Big Mission for Atticus when I was pregnant with him. I knew that it was about Ron McNair, the Challenger astronaut (who has Greensboro ties – he went to A&T), but not much else past that. It turns out that it is based on a true story about how Ron fought against segregation so that he could get a library card. Atticus knows it as the book where Ron jumps up on the library desk until the librarian will let him check out the books that he wants.

It’s a simple but powerful story, and a reminder that children see injustice. It gives us a great opportunity to talk about bravery and what we should do when we believe the rules are wrong. The pictures are charming and expressive and I love reading it to Atticus. I first read it to him just a few weeks after he was born, and we always read it on January 28th. This year we introduced him to the fact that we were reading it because it was the day that Ron had died, and it gave us another way to talk about Ron McNair’s bravery.

Also recommended:
I know illustrator Don Tate from the book She Loved Baseball: The Effa Manley Story, which we do not own but which I also enjoyed. He has a lot of other highly-regarded books I haven’t read yet, so I am learning a lot through this series, too.

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