library secrets: the bottom shelf.

I had to gather some books for a teacher this morning. I enjoy that sort of thing because I get the opportunity to see the collection in a different way. Oh, I didn’t realize that book had information on that topic, good to know. But here’s what I don’t enjoy: the books that I need are always on the bottom shelf so that I have to squat to get them.

I know what you’re thinking. They can’t always be on the bottom shelf unless you work in a magical Harry Potter library where the books shift themselves. Well, maybe I do work in the Hogwarts library, because whenever I need to pull a book, I swear to you that I will find it on the bottom shelf.

Is it a conspiracy to get me to exercise more? A conspiracy to make me fall down sometimes? A conspiracy to make me feel like I am a little crazy? Possibly it is all of those things. Conspiracies are real and I am living in one that requires me to awkwardly balance myself in a squatting position on a regular basis.

Today’s library secret is brought to you by someone mean like maybe Jillian Michaels. I bet she is moving the books while I’m not looking. I bet she laughs at me when I fall down, too.


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