I’m into something good.

For a while I have been semi-regularly posting on Fridays about what is saving my life this week, but I think it is time to retire that category. In its place I want to make space to share some things I am into lately that maybe don’t deserve their own posts. And it might not be on Fridays. It’s a little unformed. But here are things I am thinking about this week.


Cutie and the Boxer

My cousin edited this movie so I was of course in the bag for it already, but I was surprised at how much it spoke to me about partnership and equality in marriage. The arc of the movie shows how Cutie gains confidence as she expresses herself as an artist. I am sure that the story (which was masterfully edited, obviously) was simplified for the sake of moviemaking, but it was encouraging to me as a reminder of the importance of pursuing your interests as a wife and a mother. Watch it on Netflix!


My coworkers always talk about Scandal and I got tired of being left out so I watched all of it in about three weeks. I’m not going to say that it is good but it is fun and I am enjoying the craziness. But last night there was supposed to be something crazy in the last ten seconds and I fell asleep in the last ten minutes and I have yet to find a legal way to watch it this morning. Scandal!

Ashley Nicole

I am a little bit out of the loop on breastfeeding news these days but I consider myself a breastfeeding advocate so of course my hackles were raised when I heard that there was a recent breastfeeding photo kerfuffle. You can see the photo here that caused the controversy – she is a much more glamorous mom than I am but I think it’s sweet that she was dressed up to go out and yet she dropped everything to nurse her baby. I scrolled through her Instagram and related so much to her pictures of her pumped milk. I hate that anyone would be condemned for normalizing breastfeeding, and I have to admit that I am a little bit concerned that none of the parenting sites I follow (which are mostly by white moms) mentioned this controversy. Thanks, Ashley Nicole, for being another voice in the breastfeeding conversation! Our lives are pretty different but it is cool that we have that in common. I hope you know that lots of us support you.

Sparky! by Jenny Offill

When a little girl asks her mom for a pet, the mom promises she can get one if it doesn’t have to be walked, bathed, or fed. The school librarian helps her figure out the perfect pet – a sloth she names Sparky. The only problem is that Sparky doesn’t do much of anything. But I still kind of want a sloth of my own. How great would it be to snuggle with a sloth all day?! I could be the school librarian who carries around a sloth.

Lent Madness

I love voting! I love reading about the saints! I love silly things. Lent Madness is my favorite thing that has happened this Lent. I am still mad about Christina the Astonishing being defeated.

Ok, those are some things that I have been into lately. What about you? Any recommendations?

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