Monthly Archives: February 2014

seeking a friend for a walk to the park. 1

If you ask Atticus who his best friend is, he will smirk and say, “Joe Biden.” Way back during the 2012 campaign, we taught him that Joe Biden is President Obama’s best friend, and I guess we’re a little hazy on the concept of “best friend” because now he thinks that Joe Biden is everyone’s […]

the walk of shame. 9

When I was pregnant with Atticus, I felt close to Mother Mary, she who had walked those same steps (or rode them on a donkey, if you prefer). But I am not finding a lot of biblical models for parenting a toddler. There’s Hannah, who dropped her toddler off with Eli and went home to […]

another poem for valentine’s week. 0

Turns out I’m kind of a romantic. “Credo” by Matthew Rohrer I believe there is something else entirely going on but no single person can ever know it, so we fall in love. It could also be true that what we use everyday to open cans was something much nobler, that we’ll never recognize. I […]

faith, mama style (a review of found by micha boyett). 1

I pray in fits and starts these days, mostly using prayer books to guide me. This is not because I don’t believe that prayer is valuable, but because I don’t always know exactly what I am asking when I pray for people who are sick or hurting. I am still trying to figure out whether […]

a poem for valentine’s week. 0

“The Promise” by Jane Hirshfield Stay, I said to the cut flowers. They bowed their heads lower. Stay, I said to the spider, who fled. Stay, leaf. It reddened, embarrassed for me and itself. Stay, I said to my body. It sat as a dog does, obedient for a moment, soon starting to tremble. Stay, […]

what I have been reading (we had a lot of snow days edition). 0

Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America by Melissa Harris-Perry (via the public library) Goodreads suggested this to me after I read How to Be Black last year. I put it on hold over winter break and then all that stuff happened with the Romney picture and then the book came in at […]

the pause button. 0

(From last week. All we have here today is cold rain.) There is a certain magic to a snow day in the south. We stare out the windows, we track the weather report, we watch and we wait. Even the adults get excited when the snow starts falling, an excitement that somehow manages to be […]

pie + cake 1

This month’s Our State magazine features a pie vs. cake bracket. The winner will determine whether North Carolina is a pie state or a cake state. I personally would like to call for an end to the pie vs. cake wars (don’t get me wrong, I am totally voting in all the rounds) by introducing […]