saving my life.

On Thursday, I had one of those looooooooong days that teachers have at the beginning of the school year (open house is exhausting, y’all) and I knew I wouldn’t be home before Atticus went to bed. I was bummed about it. But Atticus heard my heart’s cries and he decided to wake me up an hour early on Thursday so we could spend an hour together before work. We talked and played with trucks and it was nice even though it was really early.

Afterwards, we both got ready for school and put on our new shirts. Apparently while I was melting down in Target, Mike made an order on Amazon. I usually leave the matchy-matchy for the boys, so it was extra special for us.


I wouldn’t have chosen my long work day to be the one where I got up early, but I decided to be present with him anyway. Bonding with my boy–it’s what is saving my life this week. What is saving your life this week?

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