landing in ordinary time.

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I took it as gospel truth that it would always take a week at least to shake off the school year. In the past, after one of the Bad Years, it took two full weeks for the sun to bake the frustration away until suddenly I felt human again. We are the luckiest people in the world to have all this time to spend together, but I hope it makes sense to say that it can be stressful to shut everything down in June and then start it back up in August.

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This year, I did pretty well. I have learned to schedule things like inventory and ALL BOOKS DUE earlier (always earlier) so that I am not scrambling those last few days of school. I switched off the library lights, locked the door, and walked into summer. The good and the bad floated away as I walked out the door.

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It helps to be better prepared, to know the rhythm of the school and the school year. But it also helps to know that I need a landing pad. That’s why I posted poems and prayers and books and songs last week, because I know that I don’t transition so well without a little help and I needed someone to share things with.

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The landing was relatively smooth this year. We have eaten burgers and built sandcastles and maybe having a two-year-old doesn’t give you a lot of time to wallow. Here we are in summer, in the extraordinary of our ordinary time.

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