saving my life.

On Wednesday, I got a series of text messages from Mike that amounted to OMG SNOW!!!!! I do not take these texts very seriously, as I am married to a person who checks the 15-day forecast for snow. I still don’t believe that the 15-day forecast is actually a thing. Our meteorologists barely know what is going to happen after lunchtime. No way they can guess what might happen half a month from now.

The weather yesterday was gross and cold, though, in my opinion, it did not smell like snow. When we got home from work, we kept an eye on the window. The snow was delayed again and then again and I started to think that I was right, that this would be yet another time when we were disappointed by the promise of snow. I have seen a lot of “sure things” turn into nary a flake.

But then it started snowing, coming down hard. There was even some thundersnow, which I had never before experienced. I will tell you the truth: as nonchalant as I am about snow before it starts falling, I become a total snow fangirl as soon as it shows up. We eventually convinced Atticus to brave the cold. He was fascinated and confused at the same time.

It was messy enough to cancel school today, but the sun is already melting what’s on the trees and the road. Atticus and I went back out this morning while Mike cooked breakfast. We threw snowballs and I made a snow angel and we marveled at our footprints in the snow. This is just how we southerners like our snow days, exciting but not so much that it keeps us indoors for days.

Snow days are rare enough around here that the ones from my childhood stand out as diamond memories. As a snow day, this one was only so-so, but perhaps Atticus will remember it. I know I will.

Making memories: what is saving my life this week.

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