saving my life.

An empty room is silent. A room where people are not speaking or moving is quiet. Silence is a given, quiet a gift. Silence can’t be anything but silent. Quiet chooses to be silent. It holds its breath to listen. It waits and is still.

“In returning and rest you shall be saved,” says God through the prophet Isaiah, “in quietness and confidence shall be your strength” (Isaiah 30:15). They are all parts of each other. We return to our deep strength and to the confidence that lies beneath all our misgiving. The quiet there, the rest, is beyond the reach of the world to disturb. It is how being saved sounds. -Frederick Buechner

Near the end of my exercise DVD, the hostess yells that we need to push through the pain because pain is fear leaving the body. In years past, I have mocked this for the ridiculous incoherent statement that it clearly is.

But this week, I have to admit that when she says that nonsense, I am actually kind of inspired. It’s like a switch flipped in my head, and after years of believing that I am not strong, I see more clearly. I have done a lot of things I didn’t know I could do two years ago. There is a strength inside of me that I have just started to learn. It is a quiet center, a small voice. It sounds like growing a human being, like juggling work and home life, like persevering.

This week it sounds like lunges and feels like fear leaving the body. And that is what is saving my life. What is saving your life this week?

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