saving my life.

When you are a little girl, your older cousin seems impossibly cool. He has cable at his house, and he has two older brothers and an older sister. They have cats. He teaches you about different things throughout the years: The Hobbit, REM, They Might Be Giants. You use your Fisher Price tape recorder to make your own version of Muppet News.

He and his impossibly cool older brother talk about Doctor Who. You see a clip of it and it’s scary and you know you aren’t as cool or as brave as they are. You never watch it again.

Many years later, you attend the older brother’s impossibly cool wedding to an impossibly cool lady. They both change their names so that they will match. They welcome you and generously include you because you are family. You take notes of all these things.

As you become an adult, you see the impossibly cool couple in passing for many years, see photos and hear updates. Facebook helps. You get to be friends via the magic of the internet. You start to realize that “impossibly cool” is about being confident in who you are and loving other people. When you see each other, you have more to talk about. You get invited to come and visit.

Feeling daring, you take their word for it. You drive six hours to visit them, and you go to the pool and your kids play together and your son torments their cat and wears a fez and throws balls and stuffs coins in the couch. And you laugh and talk and drink sangria and you love how they love your son. Their daughter makes you watch Doctor Who, and it turns out that it wasn’t too scary for you after all.

This week, family is saving my life, family I get to know in new ways all the time. I post about what is saving my life on Fridays (or, in this case, on Thursdays, because I’m linking up with Sarah Bessey). What is saving your life this week?

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