humility and hospitality.

Yesterday I got up at 4:30 and Mike drove me to Charlotte and I took a flight to Atlanta and then to Hartford. I then rode a shuttle to Mt. Holyoke, where Glen East is taking place. (I am at one of the Seven Sisters, y’all! They don’t say y’all here. But I do.)

I am here because this is the year that I say yes to things rather than my practiced no. Tonight, Kathleen Norris spoke to us, and among many wonderful things, she mentioned that the virtues of the week should be humility and hospitality. Those words perfectly describe what I wanted for myself when I made yes my word for 2012. Letting people into my life. Letting them into my heart.

In truth, I am exhausted. It is hard to be away from my boys and not feel guilty about it. It is hard for this introvert to be around people she is just getting to know. I am overwhelmed.

And yet. The graces of humility and hospitality are all around, if only I will breathe them in. I am grateful for the kindnesses and open hearts I have been shown, the ones that pull my shoulders back and release the tension in my chest. I am grateful for this yes and excited to see where it will take me.

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