good things in May.

This was the fastest school year on record. I mean, really. How is it June already? How are we on the cusp of summer vacation? Insanity. Here are May’s good things.

May 1 – Updated version of Romeo and Juliet at school was fun and funny.
May 2 – All the neighbors were out to play!
May 3 – Very enjoyable conversation with my brother.
May 4 – Dinner with Alisa and Andrea.
May 5 – Derby party.
May 6 – Church picnic.
May 7 – Some really good conversations about the election.
May 8 – Atticus pushed the “submit” button on my vote. Dinner with Alisa.
May 9 – My friend Karen made me laugh by saying I sounded like Alexander (of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day fame).
May 10 – I did a good deed that involved tracking down the actual owner of a box that was delivered to my school.
May 11 – Atticus and I had a nice evening together while Mike went to a school function.
May 12 – Labyrinth walk.
May 13 – Steak! New laptop!
May 14 – Sweet reading time with Atticus after he had a rough afternoon.
May 15 – Survived the first day of testing with a great student. (Not a day when it is easy to find something good to say.)
May 16 – Tested a great student today as well.
May 17 – Short day of testing.
May 18 – Scores looked good for our students, which is always encouraging.
May 19 – Lunch with friends at their house.
May 20 – Mike and I got three shout-outs in the sermon.
May 21 – I had a pullout reading group with two girls this semester. I thought they hated me. Now they come to the library every morning to say hi.
May 22 – Dinner with Alisa. And shrimp.
May 23 – Friends’ new baby was born. And bacon-wrapped shrimp.
May 24 – Lovely afternoon walk.
May 25 – Complicated story. Ready? Three boys who tend to wander came into the library at lunch. They said the AP sent them. They ate quietly, threw away all their trash and left when I told them to. Turns out no one sent them to the library. They . . . got away with hanging out in the library. Like nerds. Probably not their intention.
May 26 – Bridal shower for my future sister-in-law and the pool opened!
May 27 – Some people do spring cleaning, but I itch to clean when summer vacation is near. Cleaned out a big pile in our room. Glorious.
May 28 – Great day off with my boys. Atticus really enjoyed the pool.
May 29 – I had another really good testing group. I was nervous beforehand (had nightmares, even!) but they were great.
May 30 – Got home a tad earlier than usual after a frustrating day.
May 31 – Spelling bee!

What were your good things in May?

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