saving my life.

Last October, Mike and I took Atticus on an art crawl in a local neighborhood. He cared more about the neighborhood dogs than the pottery, but he smiled as I carried him in the Ergo, and someone gave me a small glass of wine, and we had beautiful fall weather, and he was wearing the cutest hat.

Also, we got a lot of comments like, “Exposing him to the arts at such a young age!” I love it when people approve of my parenting.

After the art, we went home and Atticus and I napped, and then he woke up and I nursed him and he napped some more while I lay next to him, watching him sleep. It was my favorite day of his first year, just a random Saturday in October. We were out and about. There was sleeping and snuggling and art appreciation.

I will confess that I had trouble finding much of anything that might be saving my life in the middle of a difficult week of state testing. These are sweet days overall for our family: we are getting more sleep now, and Atticus is busy and learning, and we have a good routine. That October Saturday made me hope that these days would be coming. I have thought about that pearl of a day this week, rolled it over in my mind as I watched students bubble their answer sheets, and I am grateful that we are stringing together more like it.

What is saving your life this week?

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