Good things in January

I cannot overstate how much more energy I suddenly have. That means one thing: good things are back! Did you write down good things this month? If so, link to them in the comments. As always, good things are better when they are shared.

1- My mom got Atticus a bubble machine for his birthday. It is the awesomest thing he has ever seen.
2- Mike spent the day with us instead of going to his classroom.
3- Workday! Got to see some of my friends at a workshop.
4- A friend came over to return some baby stuff and finally our babies are big enough to play together.
5- A challenging student told me that he likes me. Victory!
6- New friends over for dinner.
7- Birthday party for some friends’ kids. It was very fun to feel like this is our new life.
8- I was really cranky, and Mike was really really patient with me. God bless him.
9- I stayed home with a sick Atticus and he and I had a really good day. He is very pitiful when he is sick.
10- Still AND The Fault in Our Stars in the mail.
11- I took a meal to a mom on her first week back at work. It made me feel like a superhero.
12- I was sick when I got home from work. Mike took good care of me.
13- Decorating for Alisa’s birthday brunch with two of my funnest friends.
14- Alisa’s birthday brunch was beautiful.
15- Sick day. Good things: leftover cough medicine and hot toddies.
16- I can’t overstate the importance of people like Mike and Alisa and my mom on days like today.
17- I had a really good hair day.
18- Took dinner to Brian and Sarah on Sarah’s first day back at work. I am a superhero AGAIN!
19- Workshop talking about books with colleagues who are also friends. What’s not to like?
20- Workday! I had lunch from Iron Hen and we had friends over for dinner.
21- Atticus slept awesome and we all got much-needed rest.
22- I went to church by myself, which made me sad, but it was a good thing in the end.
23- Dinner with Brandy and Alisa!
24- It’s nerdy, but I love watching The State of the Union address along with Twitter.
25- My boys’ book club started. They loved the first two chapters of The Hunger Games.
26- There was drama and I was not involved in it.
27- Friday night pizza was delicious.
28- Breakfast at our favorite diner, dinner at a birthday party, dessert and Downton with Alisa and Jason.
29- Mike and I had a great morning sans Atticus, who was at my mom’s.
30- Mike loves me even though I am not gracious.
31- Workshop after school ended early.

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