Dear Atticus, Black Friday


Dear Atticus,

Every year on Black Friday, your dad cranks up the Christmas music and gets the boxes down from the attic, and we let the decorating begin. We put up our tree and make our own turkey (and four or five side dishes). (Your dad likes the leftovers.) In the past, it has been a lazy day. Sometimes too lazy, to the point where I have felt that we wasted our time.

I was apprehensive about this year, to say the least. I didn’t think you would be very interested in sitting and watching us put up a tree, but I also knew that we wanted you to participate. We wanted to show you the ornaments and tell you their stories and we wanted you to sense some of the excitement as we wait expectantly. We want to make things special, not just for you but with you. And Christmas, for parents, is a lot of pressure. We aren’t completely sure how to navigate it responsibly. We started early, hoping for the best.

And, what do you know, it was one of those days where everyone seemed to hit their marks. You played with some ornaments (you only broke one), you loved your Grinch doll, and you were amazed by the lights. Also, you had two good naps and ate a lot of turkey. We had everything decorated and packed away in record time, and the meal went as smoothly as I can remember it ever going.

So, thank you for that. Thank you for being part of our traditions already. Thank you for encouraging us to be so organized and efficient. Thank you for helping us to see our same old decorations in new ways. Thank you for your wonder about the tree, and thank you for not pulling it down yet. Thank you for listening to the Grinch and to all those ornament stories and to the story of the baby Jesus. Thank you for making this the best Black Friday ever.


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