Good things in July.

All right, I’m going to try this again. I am feeling better: excited about school starting again. More hopeful. Did you keep track of good things for the month? Tell me about them.

Atticus in July

July 1 – We made it safely to the beach without much fussing from Atticus.
July 2 – My mom arrived at the beach. Extra hands for babysitting.
July 3 – Gorgeous beach weather. Seriously amazing.
July 4 – Fireworks on the beach.
July 5 – Lunch with my boys for my birthday and good times with my family.
July 6 – Made some more memories on the beach.
July 7 – Shopping with the ladies.
July 8 – Amazing steaks for dinner.
July 9 – Sleeping in my own bed.
July 10 – Awesome Women’s World Cup game.
July 11 – Much much needed haircut and time with Melissa.
July 12 – Atticus and I listened to Mike’s radio show, and when Mike came on, Atticus turned his head to see where Daddy was.
July 13 – Awesome meeting of awesome potential.
July 14 – There was a lot of Friday Night Lights talk today. Articles, videos. It made me very happy.
July 15 – Our anniversary! Tried a new place for dinner and really liked it.
July 16 – We slept through the night because Atticus stayed with my mom. And then ladies’ night at the pool with Alisa.
July 17 – Atticus was dedicated at church and we had a great afternoon with my family (minus the World Cup finals).
July 18 – Mike got my coffee order correct.
July 19 – We got a babysitter and went out for pizza.
July 20 – Happy hour at a friend’s house.
July 21 – Epic phone conversation with Brandi.
July 22 – Doctor’s appointment took less time than I thought. Had a nice evening with my boys rather than being tied up.
July 23 – Mike brought me coffee to the summer reading check-in at work.
July 24 – Much much needed rain cooled things off considerably. Before that, it was the kind of day to sit in your house with the lights off and the blinds closed and drink cold things.
July 25 – Got my birthday present from Melissa and Alisa came to the pool with us.
July 26 – Fun day with youth group girls at the pool.
July 27 – Amazing Josh Ritter concert. He is so awesome.
July 28 – Dinner with Atticus’s BFF and her family.
July 29 – Productive day at work doing something I had been putting off.
July 30 – My mom offered to keep Atticus for us! And we let her!
July 31 – Slept in. Amazingness.

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