It’s a Major Award. I won it!

Previous Male Bakeoff Entries: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, Best of Show in 2009, and 2010.

It would have been understandable if Mike had decided to opt out of the Male Bakeoff this year. Our baby is one month old, after all. Who has time to bake anything? If he was going to bake anything, surely it would just be cake mix from a box. With no icing. That’s the best a new parent can manage. It would deserve a trophy.

2011 Male Bakeoff

(This year’s Muy Macho trophy. Not what Mike won. Picture taken for Scott’s enjoyment.)

But, no, that’s just not Mike’s style. Remember, this is the guy who made ten cakes last year instead of just one. He decided to make creme brulee this year, but he couldn’t make just one kind of creme brulee. He had to make four different kinds. Which led to the following conversation:

MIKE: Don’t get on the internet and start telling people that I am overdoing it.

KARI: Okay.

MIKE: I am not overdoing it. I am taking it seriously.

KARI: Right, because taking 17 containers of creme brulee to church is not overdoing it.

MIKE: Actually, I am taking . . . 20.

KARI: . . .

MIKE: You have made your point.

Created from twenty containers of four different kinds of creme brulee and a Bible verse taken entirely out of context, this year’s entry was entitled “It’s Raining Creme, Hallelujah!” He did, in fact, spend most of Saturday in the kitchen. But, let’s face it, no matter how much time he spent, I still must concede that it is better than him following through with his threat to make something with chocolate pudding and purple food coloring and call it Placenta Pie. (He really did consider making an entry entitled Placenta Pie. But I promise you that it would not have contained any actual placenta. We left that at the hospital.)

2011 Male Bakeoff

2011 Male Bakeoff

This was our first Sunday attending church, so we had Atticus presented. Our church has two big “events” for babies, the presentation (a prayer) and the dedication (when we all commit to raise the baby in the faith). So today was the first one. You guys, I am super tired. I was so worried that he would make a lot of noise during the service. I kept threatening to give him baby Tylenol. Maybe I should have had some baby Tylenol instead. Or some communion wine.


Since it was our first Sunday back, I have to admit that when it came time for the Bakeoff, all I did was sit and let other people hold Atticus. I did not get a lot of pictures. Mike took some, which you can see here.

Even though I tasted the creme brulee and it was delicious, I was not hoping for a lot this year. I think Mike was, but I was not. I am still at the point where getting out of the house with the diaper bag is considered a win, so I was mainly focused on that. But Mike won Best of Show again with his excellent creme brulee! I didn’t take a picture at the church, so here is a picture to represent the day.

2011 Male Bakeoff

Award + baby = good day.

We had hoped to go to a party tonight, but the wee one is just too tired from the busy weekend. We’re all curled up on the couch (technically he is on my arm) with chili and tater tots and the game. Hope your Super Bowl Sunday was as great as ours.

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