Good things in December


That is the cake from our church baby shower. The wild rumpus has, indeed, begun. We have made it a week and Atticus is eating and pooping like a champ (or, in SNL style, LIKE A BOSS). I saw in my reader that lots of you already posted your good things. Hooray! I will try to be more timely in January (but I have a decent excuse, I think). Here’s to lots of good things in 2011.

December 1 – Won a giveaway of a new Windows 7 phone.
December 2 – Visit from Emily in which I played the role of stylist. (HAHAHA.)
December 3 – Visited a friend who is on bed rest and had some fun friends over for dinner. Ate pizza and talked about cloth diapers.
December 4 – Saw Melissa’s new house and watched UNC win. Also, snow.
December 5 – Good meeting after church about Sunday School.
December 6 – Coffee with the youth minister after work. Roast in the crock pot.
December 7 – Our friend’s baby was born! She will be Atticus’s best friend. Plus, baby shower at Mike’s school and dinner with friends.
December 8 – My last yoga class for 2010, my last one as a pregnant lady. It’s nice when your yoga instructor hugs you.
December 9 – Tour of the hospital and I only hyperventilated a little bit. Added bonus: got to see new baby again, since they were still there.
December 10 – Started feeling sick after work, but Mike took good care of me.
December 11 – I woke up with a fever. So that was scary and bad. But I got antibiotics by 10am and took some amazing naps, so things got much better.
December 12 – Church baby shower. Atticus is a lucky guy to have so many people love him so much.
December 13 – Thank-you note writing marathon.
December 14 – Shower at my school, which was totally unexpected (seeing as how I am new).
December 15 – Love Feast at church.
December 16 – Snow day! So nice to be able to veg out and not have to work. Or wear nice pants.
December 17 – Two-hour delay. Last day of school before winter break. Mike and I went out to dinner and then to see Christmas lights. So much win.
December 18 – Made peanut blossoms with Mike’s help.
December 19 – Delicious meal with my Dad’s side of the family. Fun times at the youth group party afterwards.
December 20 – Took meals to two friends in an attempt to induce labor. (Good deeds!) And my house was cleaned for me. And our neighbors fed us dinner.
December 21 – Coffee with Emily. Haircut. Ran an impressive amount of errands. Took lunch to Mike and said hi to his kids. And eggplant parmesan at Bianca’s to try to induce labor. (Spoiler: it didn’t work.)
December 22 – Christmas banquet at church. Fun time sitting with the parents of boys who were born in January/February of 2010. They had lots of advice.
December 23 – Grocery shopping/cooking extravaganza.
December 24 – Time with family and friends ending with a viewing of the Charlie Brown Christmas special.
December 25 – White Christmas! And we didn’t have to go anywhere.
December 26 – We (well, Mike) shoveled us out and went shopping. It was nice to get out of the house and the snow was so beautiful.
December 27 – Did you guys know there is wine that has had the alcohol removed? It’s kind of a shame I only found out about it when I was 39 weeks pregnant.
December 28 – Quiet day at home. Waiting for Atticus to arrive. Naps.
December 29 – Saw our baby’s face for the first time since August. (It was an ultrasound day.)
December 30 – The King’s Speech was so good. Colin Firth was the only reason I could sit through a movie at nine months pregnant.
December 31 – Nice relaxing day except that I was having contractions (and didn’t know it). Went to two parties while in labor (and didn’t know it). Headed for the hospital just as the fireworks were going off. Happy New Year, y’all.

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