Dear Atticus, about that whole dinosaur thing

Dear Atticus,

I think it might be time for some lighter topics. And there’s one question I’ve gotten a lot. “What’s with the whole dinosaur thing?” A lot of your clothes have dinosaurs on them. You’ve gotten a lot of stuffed dinosaurs. Let me explain. Because it is totally and completely my fault.

You see, I really like dinosaurs. I like them a lot. We had a pop-up-book about dinosaurs that was pretty much the coolest thing ever. Actually, it was your Uncle Joseph’s. But I loved it, too. And people don’t give girls dinosaur things as much as they give boys dinosaur things. So I had to read Uncle Joseph’s dinosaur book and be satisfied that way. My love for dinosaurs persists to the present day. Here I am in the AMNH, extremely excited about the dinosaurs.

Kari and stegosaurus

Kari and stegosaurus (her favorite)

Your dad was not sure what to do with me that day. I was a little bit overstimulated. Also, he believes sad things about dinosaurs. He imagines them to be boring colors. Even though no one knows what color they were.

When I was two years old, your Grammy gave me the greatest stuffed dinosaur in the history of the world, Diney. (I am not very good at naming things. You should be glad your name isn’t “Little Boy.”) I slept with him all through my childhood, even through high school. He was my closest confidant, the one who listened when I felt left out and misunderstood. One day we will read you the story of the Velveteen Rabbit, who was loved so much that he became real. Diney is the realest toy I have ever had. Unfortunately, one sad thing about being real is that you don’t look so good anymore. I can’t pass Diney on to you, so Grammy made you a new Diney. I hope you are better at naming him than I was.

Diney and new Diney

It’s okay if you don’t end up liking dinosaurs as much as I do. You will have your own interests and passions. I am happy to share this one with you for now, but I can’t wait to find out what you will be interested in.


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