Dear Atticus, day 1

I can still see my feet.

Dear Atticus,

I had a lot of ideas about writing letters to you over the summer, but it was hard to know what to say to you before I knew a little bit more about who you are. And it was hard to have any idea about who you might be until I knew that you are a boy. I still don’t know a whole lot, but I have some guesses. You are currently pummeling my right side, so perhaps you will be a drummer. Or a ninja. (I know that ninjas aren’t typically named Atticus, but that’s what makes it so stealthy and ninja-y.) Maybe you will be more athletic than your parents and be into soccer. It has certainly felt that way the past few months, as if the World Cup inspired you to reenact those plays on my insides. I have noticed that you calm down when I hug a pillow, so hopefully you will like being snuggled up close. That would make your dad very happy.

While we will certainly be able to offer more assistance if your pursuits are nerdy in nature, we promise to support you in whatever it is that you want to do: soccer, football, or even ninja-hood. If you want to play football, that is fine with us. I kind of doubt you will have the build, but maybe you could be the kicker. If you want to be a ballet dancer, that’s okay, too. And probably our fault, for taking you to see Billy Elliot in utero. Which did seem to inspire more dancing. Maybe you will have that musical ability that eludes both of us. Your dad and I have worked to share each other’s interests, and we will do the same for you. That’s what my parents did for me, driving me to the bookstore to get the latest Baby-Sitter’s Club book, letting me wear Star Trek t-shirts, taking me to concerts I wanted to see, and driving me to midnight release parties for Beatles albums. We want to be involved in the things that are important to you, so I promise to pay attention.

In return, if you could at least pretend to humor me from time to time when I want to have a tea party, that would be awesome. I am super happy you are a boy, but I do still like some girly things. Just saying.


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