Good things in August.

August flew by, and it didn’t really feel like summer. I was having training the first week, and then school started the third week. But I am thankful to be back in our routine, or at least getting there.

As always, post your own good things in the comments! Good things are exponentially better when we share them.

At Victoria Park

August 1 – Had a nice nap with Mike before flying to Michigan (I did not actually get to my destination before midnight, sadly).
August 2 – I went to bed really early and slept all night (after having not slept the night before).
August 3 – Good day of workshops and training. And Mike bought a crib!
August 4 – People were super nice to me after I got sick on a bus.
August 5 – I had a fantastic hamburger with some new work friends.
August 6 – My mom picked me up from the airport and we went straight to the beach.
August 7 – Wonderful decompression day at the beach. With shrimp and grits at the end of the day.
August 8 – Shopping with my mom at the outlets.
August 9 – Crab cakes!
August 10 – Driving home and listening to Harry Potter. Also, so wonderful to be home.
August 11 – Got keys to my new job and started figuring out where things are.
August 12 – We found out we are having a boy and he looks healthy.
August 13 – Lunch with Alisa and then a much-needed haircut. And then Emily and her family came over for dinner.
August 14 – Movies with Mike and then some relaxation time with girls from church.
August 15 – Lunch with friends after church.
August 16 – First official day of work. We went on a scavenger hunt that ended at Chuck E. Cheese and I played skee ball. My job is better than yours.
August 17 – Super long day, but Mike made my dinner and we watched The Proposal and ate ice cream afterwards.
August 18 – Had meetings at school, but they were generally useful. Trust me, I do not discount the importance of generally useful meetings.
August 19 – First day of school went smoothly. And then. We went and saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at a local movie theater. I feel sorry for you if you were not there, because it was awesome.
August 20 – Was greeted by a kindergartener as, “Hello, Library Girl!”
August 21 – Lunch with Katey and Hannah and Alisa and Trader Joe’s time with Alisa.
August 22 – Mike and I ran many useful errands for the baby’s room. And I reread The Hunger Games.
August 23 – I reread Catching Fire. And helped Mike at his open house.
August 24 – One word: Mockingjay.
August 25 – Visited with my 2nd grade neighbor after her first day of school. And made a delicious chicken pie.
August 26 – Nice walk with Emily after work.
August 27 – The pizza we made for dinner was, for serious, awesome. Yay for Friday Night Pizza, my favorite tradition during the school year!
August 28 – Read almost an entire book at the pool. Probably for the last time this summer (and for a while, actually).
August 29 – Got lots of house cleaning done and made one of Mike’s favorite dinners.
August 30 – Natalie Merchant concert and Mike let me sleep on the way home.
August 31 – Fantastic dinner: chicken riesling. A nice new way to eat chicken thighs.

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