Beginning again.


What is this old familiar feeling of fatigue? As if I worked out? Possibly ran a marathon? Why am I falling asleep at 8:00 on a Friday night? Oh, that’s right! The first week of school!

I am at a new school this year, so I have been busy learning the ropes. There are new names to learn, new car rider routines, new grades to teach, a new space to decorate and arrange. It’s a lot, but it was a good first week of school.

As I stood in the car rider line on the first day of school, directing kids to safety, I was struck by how the entire staff appears to be focused on going On Beyond Zebra, as I talked about after the first day of school last year. My own personal commitment from last year, to greet students and make them feel welcome, is one of the school’s philosophies as well, and that shared vision has given me the sense of feeling welcome and appreciated. As if I have a place.

I struggle with investing myself outside of my own home and family, but I have tried to pour myself into my new school already, giving the best of what I can do. As I opened those car doors and helped first graders get safely to the front door, I thought about what I wrote last year, about the cycle of learning and changing and returning to the beginning, ready to learn some more. As I return to school, I find that, though it happened gradually, quietly, I have not returned to school unchanged.

The picture is from Mike’s old high school. Kindergarteners don’t have lockers. They have cubbies.

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