Monthly Archives: August 2010

Good things in August. 6

August flew by, and it didn’t really feel like summer. I was having training the first week, and then school started the third week. But I am thankful to be back in our routine, or at least getting there. As always, post your own good things in the comments! Good things are exponentially better when […]

Ought to be. 7

I am no brown-skinned sun-worshiper, but I do miss the sun in the winter. My new library has a window, which I hope will assist me in fighting off those winter blues. Despite my love of the sun on my skin, I think the time that I feel most lethargic and uninteresting might actually be […]

Beginning again. 3

What is this old familiar feeling of fatigue? As if I worked out? Possibly ran a marathon? Why am I falling asleep at 8:00 on a Friday night? Oh, that’s right! The first week of school! I am at a new school this year, so I have been busy learning the ropes. There are new […]

Notes from 20 weeks. 11

I go back to work today. The summer is over. I have actually been going in to my new space for the past week or so, getting things organized and assessing the situation, but I could leave after a couple of hours or so. Now the real deal starts. This was a different sort of […]

Grits are good for you. 10

When I was in Michigan last week, the company provided us with these buttons that they called flair. You know, flair. It was not ironic flair, but many of the freshly graduated teachers were probably too young to know why it should be ironic anyway. (I spent a whole week feeling pretty old. In the […]

I am assured that peace will come to me. 6

Mike was gone the last week of July, helping our youth group as they served people in West Virginia. He came back and then I left the next day, to train for my new job. We were apart for twelve out of those thirteen nights, a record in our relationship. One I hope is never […]

Good things in July 9

My summer is essentially over. I go back a week earlier this year, and I am currently in workshops. So my days of lounging by the pool are gone. I’m okay with that, though. It’s been a good summer, and I think there are some good things ahead. Be sure and post your good things […]