Many waters.

Who let those babies get married?

When love has got you in its throes
Even the summer’s heat just freezes your soul
And the sweetest song
It just clanks along
And the morning dew just says goodnight
And leaves your heart undone
It doesn’t do to try and understand
Nothin’ that’s as good as love ever made a lot of sense
Like how the eagles fly
And how the rattlers slide
And what it is that comes to bind a woman and her man

Love’s as strong as death my love
Unyielding as the grave
Relentless as the desert sun
And rivers cannot wash my love away
Lord, I won’t let it wash away
And many waters cannot quench love

There ain’t nothing left to soothe you with
Love has marked your soul the way the sun has marked your skin
And there ain’t no way to find no shade
When your soul’s the very thing
That feeds the blaze that burns within you
It just makes your cold heart melt
The flames that burn as white as the very flames of hell
So just hold on tight
‘Cause it’s a long, wild ride
When you finally find the grace to love another as yourself -Rich Mullins

Ten years ago today, Mike and I got married. There are things I remember: walking down the aisle, being so blissfully happy to say hello to each other after communion, what the above song sounded like as our friend played it on the piano, that perfect Coke at the reception. And there are things that have faded away, things that seemed important at the time but that are now lost to history. There are things I would do differently now, but mostly I am very very grateful that we pulled it off, from Mike’s sister who made her two-year-old practice practice practice walking down the aisle to my mom’s friend who made the cake. And everything in between.

A few weeks ago, Mike and I were at a wedding, and the scripture that the Rich Mullins song is based on was read. I thought about the past ten years: naps on the couch, reading Harry Potter at two in the morning, getting lost in Central Park, diplomas and disappointment and even death. There are a lot of wonderful memories, some terrible ones, and so many everyday things that are lost to the passage of time. As our pastor was reading those verses, all I wanted to do was hold Mike’s hand and remember.

We were young when we got married, and it has taken ten years of growing up, grace, laughter, and forgiveness to get here. Time and commitment have worked together to smooth some of our roughest edges, like stones worn smooth by a flowing river. Not all our rough edges are gone, but some.

There are rainy days when we curl up on the couch with a good book, and rainy days when all our plans are ruined. There are beautiful days spent on the lake with friends. There are days when life is pounding like the waves of the ocean. There are days we treasure in our minds until the memories are as smooth as those cool river stones. There are days when tension is rising like flood waters. There are even days when it looks like all the good things in life are heading down the toilet. But ten years ago, we made our promise: Many waters cannot quench love.

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