You’ve been flamingoed.


When I came home from work last Monday, this is what my yard looked like.




My church celebrates things like anniversaries and graduations and “important” birthdays by putting flamingos in yards. It’s a Baptist church, so there’s a committee that takes care of it. And apparently the committee deemed my award to be worthy of the flamingos. Which was especially exciting, because Mike and I had not yet had a flamingo-worthy birthday or anniversary. It was our first time being flamingoed. Or, as Brandi says, flocked.

While I was taking these pictures, a family pulled into the parking lot across the street. I didn’t hear what was said to start the conversation, but as they were walking towards the pool, the little girl turned to her dad and said, “I don’t know. I guess she just really likes flamingos.” And even though I am extremely opposed to tacky Christmas decorations (in my own yard, though I enjoy the tackiness of others), I did really, really like the flamingos. I liked what they meant: the excitement of other people celebrating with me. That has been the nicest most unexpected part of this whole thing. If all you focus on is the prize, you might miss a great deal of fun along the way.

I thought about walking over to the parking lot and telling her why I got the flamingos, but instead, I decided to let her believe that I just really like them.

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