Strawberry jam.

strawberry jam

I spent a Saturday morning at my aunt’s house making strawberry jam. For me, part of the point of the Button Club project was to do things that my aunts and grandmother know how to do but that have passed me by. I have certainly seen jam made before, but I had never actually helped past the “pick the berries” stage. Even though I don’t have all the supplies, I think I could manage to make jam again if I really really wanted to. The truth is, though, I don’t eat a lot of jam. So now what I have is lots of jam to give away. People love homemade gifts. I win!

Most families I know have recipes and/or food that is sacred. My Aunt Nancy makes strawberry jam and strawberry cake. Aunt Patricia makes deviled eggs. Grandma makes chicken pie and caramel cake. (You can see the caramel cake here and see my attempt to make it here.) My other grandmother made macaroni and tomatoes, which is my ultimate comfort food. Mike makes the Christmas lasagna. My mom makes the world’s best vegetable soup and her chili is unparalleled. Also her chicken and dumplings are amazing. I, of course, have the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. That are really my mom’s. That she actually got from someone else. But I like it when everyone calls them Kari’s muffins. So let’s just keep on doing that.

One thing you probably already know about me is that I love food. I love reading about food, talking about food, and eating it. If I did a Credo statement about food, mine would be this: I believe that part of the magic of food is that it brings people together. And because of that, recipes should always be shared and never, ever kept secret. You can get my Aunt Nancy’s recipe for strawberry jam over at my post on The Button Club.

What is your signature dish? Or the thing your grandma/mom/aunt makes that you cannot live without?

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