Four bowls.


If there is a message that keeps coming up in my life these days, it has something to do with taking time and being patient. I talked about that on Saturday in my Button Club post. It applies to all kinds of things I don’t always take the time to do from ironing to folding laundry to making pie crusts. I just want to get done, to get to the next step. So the pie crust cracks and looks terrible and I am embarrassed (although it did taste quite good, if I may say so myself). And the creases are just a little bit off on my pants.

This is, I think, why pottery has been good for me. All of my natural instincts are wrong: to be fast, to finish, to quickly fix any mistakes. Instead, I must slow down and make deliberate movements so that I can have a finished product that I am proud of. Or at least not embarrassed by. Much.

After several weeks of deliberating, I decided to try another round of pottery classes. In doing so, I had to admit to myself that I would be selling myself short if I stopped. I would be doing only what was safe and nothing more. I do that a lot, you see. Just enough to attempt a decent job but not so much that I’m deeply invested. There is a part of me that fears that even if I took the time it would be wrong or bad or some kind of failure. Taking pottery was a risk to begin with. Trying it again, well, that’s almost unheard of.

On Monday night, I sat and listened as our substitute instructor gave the kind of demo that we should have gotten in the beginning, the kind of demo that would have helped me be less afraid. And then I tried again to shape the clay. I made a small bowl. It goes pretty well with the four that I already have.



My pottery classmates, except for one That Guy, are really wonderful people who have been secretly rooting for me this whole time. They told me that on Monday in several different ways. And I had no idea. It turns out that I have a lot more to learn. About more than just pottery.

Meanwhile, Mike and I can now eat a lot of salsa. Maybe hummus. Or I can set them around the house as a reminder that I should both take my time and take some more risks.

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