From the Free Verse Flickr Pool, the poem “Things We Have Lost” by Marla Alupoaicei (which I cannot find online).

I focus a lot on the things, the ideals, the people I have lost. I can’t help it. I am a half-empty sort of person. (Bad news: I can’t find my bottle! It went missing on Monday.) It is fun, sometimes to think about the finding. The relief when that missing belt finally turns up. The excitement when you realize there’s money in the pocket of the jacket you haven’t worn in months. Even the joy of learning a new skill. It’s time to decide if I’m going to sign up for another round of pottery, and I am of two minds. I don’t think Mike and I need a bunch of lopsided bowls around our house. But the people are cool and kind and make me think that I can do bigger and better things. (I mean, you guys. Some of the people in my pottery class were selling things at the downtown pottery show on Sunday. Obviously they were not beginners, but they were people who have been nice to me about my lopsided bowls. Mike says they are a cult and I should totally join them and learn how to be a nicer person.)

I have some plans with some friends to learn some new things (the picture is kind of a clue), which is something you will be hearing about in the next couple of weeks. I am excited about finding new things with them: new skills, new shared experiences, new things about ourselves.

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