Good things in February.

Just like last month, please link your own good things in the comments! We will have another good things party!


February 1 – Cleaned out all our old magazines. Filed the recipes and book reviews I wanted to save. Total dorky happiness about it, yes.
February 2 – Best workday lunch ever. I would explain it, but you kind of had to be there. I will give you a few pieces of information: guacamole, tomahawks, unsafe road conditions, and band manuals.
February 3 – Dealt with the fundraiser for Haiti and got all the money organized and cleared out of the library. Over $1000 raised! With a week to go!
February 4 – I got my teaching license in the mail. All that hard work, finally finally over.
February 5 – We moved the fridge to its new spot and started decorating. Also I ordered about 150 digital photos for our walls and for other reasons. And then we watched Footloose (Mike had never seen it before).
February 6 – Great organization and house cleaning sort of day.
February 7 – Mike had a good Male Bakeoff experience and I got to be excited for Scott when the Saints won. (I yelled a lot during the second half of the game.)
February 8 – The painters finished and it was the greatest day of my entire life.
February 9 – 3.1 miles in 30:29. My best time yet! Soon I hope to be under 30:00.
February 10 – I talked on the steps with a friend of mine for an hour instead of doing yoga.
February 11 – I came home to a lovely clean house. God bless cleaning services.
February 12 – Tea party for some six-year-olds and had new friends over for dinner. Also . . . Olympic opening ceremonies!
February 13 – Babysat for the neighbors. Four kids (and I) ate four bags of popcorn. Two of them stayed up and watched speed skating with us. Worst babysitters ever? Possibly so.
February 14 – Homemade pizza and The Amazing Race premiere.
February 15 – Good workout at the gym. Which is kind of lame but true.
February 16 – Saw a friend do his first public reading at a coffeeshop. Also my mom sent me a fantastic YouTube video.
February 17 – Ash Wednesday. Nice service at church.
February 18 – Watched the snowboarding half-pipe with Mike and made fun of the announcers saying the same thing for every. single. guy. (“This is his last chance at a gold medal run. He needs the run of his life.”)
February 19 – Took a sixth grader to Lucky 32 (her first time eating there) and Triad Stage to see Around the World in 80 Days. Now I never have to read the book.
February 20 – Fun game night with very creative friends. Also pots of chocolate.
February 21 – Lunch to celebrate one of our Sunday School student’s baptism and a good walk with my neighbor.
February 22 – Great day teaching sixth graders how to do Microsoft Publisher.
February 23 – Did 3.1 miles in exactly 30 minutes on the elliptical. New world record! For me, anyway!
February 24 – I was sick so we ordered Chinese food for dinner and it was wonderful.
February 25 – Had to miss a friend’s party, a meeting, and my book club, but got good sleep thanks to the new and improved Nyquil. No Sudafed in Nyquil = GENIUS.
February 26 – Mike went out of town so I fell asleep watching the Olympics.
February 27 – Two fun friends came over for soup and wine and more Olympics.
February 28 – Unexpected coffee with a friend. Plus a walk with my neighbor. Plus Mike came home.

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