Monthly Archives: January 2010

Tell a story. 5

“Humility, like darkness, reveals the heavenly lights.” -Henry David Thoreau When I was in high school, we did a section on Thoreau and Emerson. I found nothing to like about them, and in my reflection, slammed them quite a bit, calling them self-centered and self-important. I still have very little use for them, but I […]

Um, hi. 30

Look! Everything here is shiny and new! This is what I spent my New Year’s Eve doing instead of finishing The Patron Saint of Liars. (Actually, I did manage to finish The Patron Saint of Liars before we went to a New Year’s Eve party. But only because the party didn’t start until 8:05. Yes, […]

Books read 2009. 19

It’s that time again. Though everybody else has migrated to GoodReads, I continue to post my book list here. Y’all, I just can’t keep up with something else. Meaning a GoodReads account. And I will be honest, reading has always been a solitary sort of experience for me. Even when I post my reviews here, […]

Good things in December. 2

December 1 – Good workshop with friends. And white siding on our house instead of green. December 2 – Dinner meeting with fellow librarians. Good times. December 3 – My last class ever. (EVER. If I try to take classes again, remind me how much I hate taking classes.) And dinner with my book club. […]