Good things in January.

January was filled with books and organizing and exercising. I have to say, to be honest with you, 2009 kind of sucked in a lot of ways. But this was a good beginning to the new year.

I know many of you also write “good things” posts, and I would love it if you would link them in the comments, so that all of our good things can be shared.

January 1 – Party at our neighbors’ house. They liked the touchdown taco dip. Always a crowd pleaser.
January 2 – We took down the tree.
January 3 – Epiphany Sunday! We made crowns in Sunday School.
January 4 – I was observed and it went well. After school I joined a gym. Which is scary. But I am going to do it.
January 5 – Went and saw Sherlock Holmes after school. While it did not necessarily match up with my own personal version of Sherlock Holmes, it was good mindless fun.
January 6 – We ordered Chinese food for dinner and it was delicious.
January 7 – Watched the college football national championship for the first time. Look, I am growing as a person. (It probably has a more official name. So I’m not growing that much.)
January 8 – Two-hour delay! And when we got home after work, I put on my pajamas, wool socks, and a scarf. Mike said I looked ridiculous, but I was warm. And I finished Crime and Punishment.
January 9 – My neighbor and I went to the gym together. She is very tough.
January 10 – Finished Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr. It was excellent.
January 11 – Mike took me out for Mexican food and it was delicious.
January 12 – Saw Up in the Air. George Clooney is my good thing. Also dollar popcorn.
January 13 – Fun phone conversation with a friend.
January 14 – Construction so close to being finished. New things every day. Today? Doorknobs.
January 15 – Massive amount of unpacking our belongings after school. We unpacked until we were sore and exhausted. Cleared out ten Rubbermaid containers from the attic.
January 16 – My mom came and helped us organize our new space. Also Alisa had a tea party for her birthday.
January 17 – We had a lovely nap while watching football. And we didn’t unpack or organize anything.
January 18 – Got to watch updates of the ALA awards while sitting in my sunroom drinking coffee.
January 19 – Excellent meeting about art and then a nice lunch with friends.
January 20 – Worked out and read about 100 pages at the same time.
January 21 – Game night at Mike’s school was fun. I never really get to meet his students.
January 22 – This guy told me that he thinks I’m pretty nice.
January 23 – Good day with Mike’s family. His nephew scored over half his team’s points in a basketball game. We played Legos. We ate fajitas. We ate brownies. Mike got destroyed at Mario Kart. Then we stocked up at Trader Joe’s and Ikea. Also I inadvertantly sent Brandi an inappropriate text message.
January 24 – Good to stay in on a rainy Sunday. Got some good writing done, which made me feel human.
January 25 – Came home from work and did absolutely nothing. Except make dinner.
January 26 – Sick day. Scratchy throat and fatigue. I stayed in bed and had warm beverages all day, which was wonderful. I read and wrote and recuperated.
January 27 – Did yoga and then worked out at the gym. I am fierce.
January 28 – I did everything that was on my to-do list. Everything.
January 29 – Two hour early dismissal and fun event for my 6th grade readers in the library.
January 30 – Snow day! Our neighbors came over for breakfast and then hosted us for dinner. I read The Monster at the End of This Book to the three-year-old and we all played Wii Fit until late in the night. Lovely.
January 31 – Went for a beautiful walk in the snow and had our neighbors over for lasagna and homemade bread.

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